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    Pontiac Chieftain: A good home find

    Barn finds, 'verkeerd afgelopens'. They are all there. Including stories. We found a desolate Jaguar Mk 2 on a messy scrapyard in Walloon Belgium. The barrel dog had won the main prize when distributing the teeth. More

  • Pontiac Phoenix

    Pontiac Phoenix: box upon box

    Compact car is a vehicle size class - mainly used in North America - that sits between sub-compact cars and medium-sized cars. The current definition is similar to the European C-segment or the British term “small family car”. Before the contraction of the US auto industry in the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, larger wheelbase vehicles were More

  • Pontiac grand prix

    Wanted: A converted Pontiac Grand Prix

    We received a message from Nico van Dusschoten: My father built this car himself in the 80s. But he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My father is talking more and more about this car and that he would like to see it again. I would like that if More

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    Pete Estes

    The muscle man Now that the enthusiasm for the muscle car has started to grow – because let's face it, what could be better than a thick, stomping and roaring V8? – it might be nice to know who was at the origin of all that violence at Pontiac. least known More

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    Oldtimer Vacation in Cuba

    With AMK to Cuba Organizes in collaboration with Kras Auto Motor Klassiek a wonderful Oldtimer holiday in Cuba. The 9-day trip will take place in November. The trip also offers you a unique opportunity to soak up the Cuban atmosphere. As a classic enthusiast you will also experience a pure American classic car experience several times within a More

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    Thirty plus

    A few years ago we placed in Auto Motor Klassiek an article about cars that would turn thirty that year. They have already achieved classic status outside the Netherlands. In the Netherlands this changed after 2014. Below you will find the list that changed the world in their way. The Chevrolet Corvette C4 for example. More

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    Muscle cars

    Three men are actually responsible for that powerhouse, of which Elliot Marantette is 'Pete' Estes is perhaps the least known of that triumvirate. His colleague Bunkie Knudsen was already a legend during his life, while John DeLorean actually was, then More