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  • Riley Mk3

    Riley Mk3 ... a challenge?

    What on earth has Willem van Strik to put time, energy and euros into a lifeless Riley Mk3? An oldtimer whose clutch has exploded and with a broken gearbox was parked in Belgium where it drove for years? Naturally, his homeland is England where the Riley is known as 'One Point Five' by the More

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    Riley RME

    Paused for a moment while spearing through Britain at a pub, the pictured Riley RME, parked a little carelessly in front of the 'Bentley Parking Only' sign, caught my eye. A car that has been restored to perfection and 'let out' by its proud owner on a beautiful late summer day. Productive The peeping only lasted a moment, because More

  • For adoption: A MG 1300 Glider

    For adoption: A MG 1300 Glider

    Up for adoption: An MG 1300 Glider. It is one of Sir Alec Issogonis's children and it was offered under a whole host of brand names. But the basis of the family tree was the project BMC ADO16. With a somewhat different grille and in different versions, we talk about a car that became famous More

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    BMC ADO16

    The badge engineered BMC ADO16 models, known in the country as the 'Glider', were available as Austin, Morris, Riley, Wolseley, MG and even Vanden Plas. The trolley was a success from Day 1 and remained in production for 16 years. In those 16 years, the front and grille were replaced no less than thirty-five times More

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    Riley Riviera

    We do not underestimate our readers, let that be clear. The Riley 4 / 68 and the later 4 / 72, the badge engineered faster and more luxurious version of the Morris Oxford / Austin Cambridge must be known to a wider (readers) public. But a Riley Riviera probably never saw anyone in a photo, let alone in the flesh?

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    Heritage Certificate

    As the owner of an Aston Martin, MG, Mini, Austin, Austin Healey, Triumph, Rover, Land Rover, Range Rover, Morris, Riley or Wolseley More