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  • Volvo Tipper N 88-48

    Volvo Tipper N 88-48. The asphalt knight   

    This 1979'er powerhouse is nostalgia for many drivers. The value will now be considerably higher than the purchase price at the time. And if you look at the beautiful condition of this Volvo Kipper N 88-48, the best-before date is no longer visible. By: Dirk de Jong Only when looking at this Volvo More

  • Opel Blitz

    Opel Blitz, the 'ball head' from 1960

    You will receive special items on the site from every day Auto Motor Klassiek† This 'bolkop' Opel Blitz is a good example of this. By: Dirk de Jong Carrosseriebedrijven converted the standard Opel Blitz truck into emergency vehicles. This Opel Blitz was a fire truck in his working life. Kees Esman got the More

  • DAF 2600

    DAF 2600 museum quality

    Everything that gets attention comes back to life and nice memories can be recalled with photos. For many former drivers it will be interesting to look back at this workhorse that first made its appearance at the RAI in 1962. The question to the owner of this Dutch flagship was: what inspires More


    Beautiful HOGRA

    During one of the previous editions of the classic fair in Eelde, this beautiful, elderly HOGRA truck stood among its peers enjoying all the attention. A HOGRA, a traditional Dutch manufacture and owned by Harrie Eitens from Niebert. A very special truck. The brand was founded in 1954 by Antonie Willem Hoek, former director More

  • Dodge

    Dodge from Van der Werff

    Van der Werff Transport BV, currently located in Heerenveen, but – if the information provided is correct – once started in Wytgaard in Friesland, rum has been around for 100 years! The company that in those early years was involved in all kinds of small(er) transport jobs has – as it is now called – grown into a professional More

  • International KB7

    Exceptional: International KB7

    A while ago we came across the International KB7 from 1947 in the British King's Lynn near the closing of the market. As 'cargo' of this mastodon, which can be seen from the license plate, from the American Washington, a gigantic – German – organ… The sounds produced by this organ will More

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    Transitional arrangement: gasoline classics from 1 December up to three months in the stable again.

    From 1 December, owners of a petrol vehicle will be allowed to park the vehicles again in the transitional arrangement for old-timers. The month of December 2016 still falls under the transitional arrangement of the current calendar year. This also applies if someone has made use of the transitional arrangement this year and wishes to waive the 2017 transitional arrangement More

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    Austin FE truck: just a bit?

    Photo above): 'New' the Austin FE truck already looked sad because of the drooping windshields. You become sad as a lover of British heritage when you see this example… If you have lived a little longer in this life, you will probably still remember the Austin FE, a 5 tonne truck More

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    Mobile garage

    Whether Austin's products were so bad in the XNUMXs that a mobile garage had to be deployed to help stranded travelers get back on the road or if there was some other reason is not entirely clear. Presumably the intention was to make a trip around the with this colossus More

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    Tough Austin K9

    Some time ago, in Great Britain, near Chesterfield, we saw the Austin K9 'tow truck', from 1952, a tow truck for the More

  • Vectis Toy Auctions
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    Vectis Toy Auctions

    This Guy flat truck is a Dinky Toys from the post-war period in a reasonably good condition and with the original box. The number is 503. Vectis is a large auction house in England where toys, now collector's items More

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