The classic auction / viewing days in brummen

Classic auction

A classic auction is a thing. And apparently there is a healthy revenue model behind it. In fact, such a classic auction attracts a lot of attention. And despite the bizarre amounts that are hammered away at such a classic auction in America, people still have on their hard disk: "Classic auction = great opportunity"

Viewing days are fun and important

The classic auction of which the viewing days started yesterday in Brummen had a very practical approach for the first version last year: The auction was a handy tool to keep 'clean-up' under the stock of 'by-catch' and trade-in that Gallery Aaldering had collected. Last year the number of cars that exuded a happy feeling was that they really needed a lot of care than in this second version.

Projects are also offered

But a special corner had now been set aside for challenging projects and restoration jobs. Fortunately, there were still cars 'with work' among the classics on offer. And with these types of cars, the question is always whether the estimated sales prices will be achieved. So that could be 'the profit' for buyers. Just a little secret: The estimated yields are always on the high side. So that buyers who score the classic of their dreams at such a classic auction for a considerably lower amount will quickly feel that they have scored a bargain.

Many viewers

On the first viewing day in Brummen, there was certainly a lot of (international) visitors. And how will sales go? The economy is in good shape. The banks no longer pay interest. People want to spend money again.

And the things could be viewed

This is different for purely digitally operating auction sites. And from that angle we have heard stories of people who were surprised when they got what they bought. For example, on a digitally clean Heckflossen Benz that was purchased for 14.000 euros, it was estimated that 20.000 euros still worked. The car came to the market here for 5.000 euros. Where is he now?

But the approach is apparently good

Because otherwise Brummen would probably not have put such a huge amount of work into it for the second time. Because an auction is guaranteed to be unsuccessful if the offering party keeps on plunging a hall full of classics and then waiting for the money to come in.

There is more to the planning

And from the margins we can already reveal that there is another party for 2019 that has seen the light. Maybe there are two of them ... It doesn't matter. Because we, as classic fans, enjoy it and can take advantage of it.

Read the rules

But read the rules of such an auction before you start bidding digitally at a classic auction. With a classic auction organized by a serious auction company, the entire process is described clearly and crystal clear. There are no 'hidden' costs. Buying at a classic auction, at whatever auction, you do without a guarantee. But a serious auction certainly does not fall under the laws on gambling.



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