Tres Precieux Voiture: special combination of classic love and precious metal science

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Wendy Roelofs from Amsterdam has been riding her with pleasure for twenty years Citroën 2 CV 6 from 1987. She is also the founder of Arqadia and comes into contact with the most beautiful jewels as a goldsmith, appraiser and gemologist. Her love for classic cars, combined with her profession as a jeweler, led to a special step. She founded Tres Precieux Voiture. Under that name she makes beautiful precious metal products with the classic car as the epic center. A particularly pleasant and meticulous combination.

Wendy has a strong preference for the A-types of Citroën. It is therefore no surprise that she has been driving a fairly late 2 CV 6 for twenty years. It is not a car that it uses purely for recreational purposes. She travels with the Citroën really city and country. Wendy has also invested a lot to guarantee the reliability of the Duck. “The 2CV has been overhauled several times. It got a new chassis, I had the body galvanized and the engine was overhauled several times. That was also necessary, because I always drive it. Certainly in recent years, the number of kilometers driven has increased significantly ”, says Wendy Roelofs who, with her brightly colored 2 CV 6, is a curiosity within the traffic image.

Precious metal miniatures

Wendy's wanderlust has a specific reason. “I don't just enjoy going to events. I am a jeweler and three years ago I started my company Tres Precieux Voiture. A good listener needs half a word, because the abbreviation of the company name is TPV. And that was the name of the concept, which eventually led to the 2CV. I focused on the manufacture of jewelery and miniature cars in precious metal. At first I did that for friends and acquaintances to order. Wendy showed her skills and her love for precision work and this was not without consequences.

Straight across Europe

“People were so enthusiastic that I decided it bigger. With Tres Precieux Voitures I go to many events. Not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. With the 2 CV 6 and a trailer behind it. At the moment, this has come to a standstill due to the corona virus. A strange sensation, because normally I would have been really busy with events now ”, says Wendy.

Grown collection, many possible on request

She continues. “My handmade collection has grown considerably since then. I started with simple jewelry with chevrons and miniature Citroën A types. I now have an extensive miniature fleet with many iconic classics. Usually in scale 1: 160 and 1:87, but I also make trips. A lot is possible on request. ”

Versatility in themes

Wendy shows us what is possible. And what is striking is that her very specific way of working with precious metal leads to very beautiful creations. With the name Tres Precieux Voiture, Wendy says nothing too much, the miniscule miniatures are very nicely detailed. In addition, they can be divided into several categories and uses. Decorative, but also as a chic consumer item. For example, Wendy also makes rings, earrings, necklaces, cufflinks and teaspoons to order in which various classic themes (for example pistons, switching patterns, logos, of course the classics themselves) are processed with precision. But she also produced a collection of miniatures for the Louwman Museum.

Beautiful handicraft from Amsterdam

In any case, Wendy's creations look beautiful and very professional. “With the jewelery and miniatures from Tres Precieux Voiture I give proud owners of iconic classics the opportunity to wear their car in precious metal. All my jewelry and cars are made by hand in Amsterdam and can be fully customized. ”

Collection online

At the moment, because of the corona crisis, Wendy and her Tres Precieux Voitures do not come across an event. Yet you can also see through other channels, what she makes under the name Tres Precieux Voiture. Just take a look at the website, and be surprised by the creations that have been created out of love for the classic and the craft of goldsmith. And surprise someone else, or yourself with one of Wendy's beautiful products.

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