Ford Fairmont

Ford Fairmont
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“He came to me just in time. Only incorrect wheels have been placed underneath ”Jan Tinga said with satisfaction. Rightly so. Because with cars like this Ford Fairmont V8, a set of more dynamic wheels is often the beginning of the end. Even if it is a flawless copy. Because an undamaged, not so large, affordable 'American' unleashes the desire to renovate for many people.

The Ford Fairmont

That was a 'compact' and its chassis was later also used in the production of Thunderbirds. The Ford Fairmont was a civilized, solid and reliable civilian car in times and countries where gasoline was cheap.

And that such a Ford Fairmont was compact in 1978? Well, we are talking about a car with a 5 liter V8 of (but) something of 130 SAE hp at 3600 rpm. Let's say: less than 120 DIN horsepower. On the crankshaft. And for that he also needed a double Ford 2150 carburettor. Usually such a Ford also had an automatic transmission. It also took some power. The trolley weighed around 1300 kilos without any water on board, consumed an average of 1 in 6 and was given up for a top speed of 176 km / h.

Here in the Netherlands they were available in the flavors Sedan, Ghia and Sedan ES. The latest version was the 'European, sporty' version with two tone paint, a black steering wheel and steering column and with a black grille and black B pillars.

Station wagons were available in two versions. The Station Wagon and the more luxurious Fairmont Squire, which emphatically presented its luxurious character with its glued 'woodgrain' (plastic imitation wood) and proudly stood on almost real wire wheels. The exterior mirror of the Squire was adjustable from the inside and the window frame was fitted with chrome edges.

Also with a six-cylinder

Here in Europe, the Fairmonts mainly came with a 3,3 liter six-in-line delivering only 94 SAE horsepower. The maximum torque was at 202 Nm at 2200 rpm. Such a six-spoke ran about 150 km / h with a consumption of about 1 in 7. So that was a profit. But at cruising speed. And that is a bit less.

You don't see Fairmonts much here. In the time that 'we' Americans started to like it, we went more for the iconic brands and types and preferably for the largest possible V8s. The Fairmonts were not exclusive enough.

But in today's eyes, such a Fairmont is a very real American, it is completely dated and rarer than Ford Mustangs are. As a result, they have become automobiles for sensible budgets enthusiasts. For people who want to cruise quietly. So we understand that Jan Tinga is so happy with his acquisition.

And a survivor like this Ford? He deserves a loving owner who immediately puts original rims under it.

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  1. Once drove a Cadillac coupe deVille and Fleetwood. But that did not go really well with the Coupe, so sold and I liked. a just arrived from Texas, Ford LTD 1977, a size bigger than this ford and about 1800 kg. Also very simple, only Airco and Cruise control and of course automatic. How nice that drove, rattle-free, quiet and trouble-free. GM was over for me, do it to me Ford.
    An acquaintance, totally Cadillac crazy, could not find anything to take back in the US but found a nice Towncar 1978, bought the car and said to me: I am and remain a Cadillac fan, but this really drives better.

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