Velorex tricycle (1970) from Albert. Experience happiness in the 'now'

Velorex tricycle (1970)
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Albert is a man with real enthusiasm for nice cars and a pure interest in special voitures. The cars in which he is interested are not ordinary cars, but works of art on wheels. He saw this special creation, a Velorex tricycle from 1970, for the first time in Czechoslovakia at an old sawmill. 

By: Dirk de Jong

That immediately sparked his interest. He understood from the owner that the tricycle there was mainly used by people with disabilities. He promised himself that if he ever encountered such a thing in the Netherlands, he would definitely consider buying it. 


Coincidence does not exist, it is sometimes said. Perhaps it had to be that he came across a real original Velorex in 2008 in the Netherlands. After the technical condition was found to be in order, he decided to purchase. Albert has worked all his life as a technical man. Repairing it himself therefore cost him no effort at all with this Velorex. (Not only passionate, but also skilled.) 

The power source

The power source is the well-known Jawa engine, from which the wheels of the tricycle also come. Albert: “It is very special that this Velorex is completely in its original condition, nothing has been adjusted or changed. It was built from 1950 to 1970 (with changes over time) with a total of 12.000 units.” 


If there is an event in the area (Hoornsterzwaag or Twijslerheide), he gets behind the wheel himself. With its top speed of 80 km per hour, it is just about on the back roads. The highway is of course taboo, if there ever is an annual event of the friends of the Velorex owners, he goes on the ambulance. 

living book

People of flesh and blood are often a 'living book' who would like to tell you about their hobby life. Then of course Albert is talking about everything that is classic, whether it be cars or motorcycles. In addition to the Velorex, he also has various classic cars as therapy. That means: key pleasure, possible repairs and the pleasant stay in his man cave to admire his property. 

What is the most important thing about owning? 

An old car becomes more beautiful as it ages. That's a nice side effect. What's most important? The color? The top speed? The design? It is not just any means of transport. It is a full part of his hobby life. That is the true feeling of happiness. 

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  1. There are also plenty who put a honda cbr600 block in it, yes that is also possible. At least you get ahead. Personally I like more original
    The 1st series only had a 250cc block in it. Later that became 350cc.

  2. Years ago, someone had a Velorex with us in Ghent and he regularly came to events with that thing. Apparently it never ran well, because it often fell with bad luck. But it is a special thing that you could actually use instead of that bulky SUV in the populated areas. Greetings from the Gentsche Retro Wheels!!

  3. I didn't know him. But what a nice thing to say!!
    Wouldn't it be great if our roads were a little less populated by those all-expanding fat SUVs, but that such things as a Velorex would determine the street scene more.
    You don't really need more to transport yourself in the city, because there is usually only one person in an SUV. The driver, who does want to stand out with his SUV. If there is one thing that will make you stand out, it is with a Velorex. Nice that they still exist. Nice article and nice video on which he can be heard too

  4. Very special. Given the Jawa motorization a 2-stroke. Nostalgia for the Jawa, which I thought was an absurdity in the mid-70s.

  5. In Czechoslovakia this Velorex was only for sale for people with a disability certificate. This did not apply to the export countries, where it was just an umbrella on wheels.

    Until the end, Velorex was also the preferred supplier of the sidecars for Jawa. That at that time behind the Iron Curtain a motorcycle was not a pleasure vehicle but a workhorse is apparent from the fact that in addition to sidecars for passengers, a sidecar for freight was also sold. Every year 60.000 Jawas went to the USSR. The Jawa had interchangeable wheels at the front, rear and sidecar, although it did have other tire sizes (from Barum of course). So you always came home. Exactly these wheels are also under the Velorex.

    Tip: throw away everything that says “PAL” and replace it with “Bosch” and with an electronic ignition you will no longer recognize the engine.

  6. We came across these at a campsite in the Czech Republic in 2019
    The sound is great, unfortunately the video file is too big to show it

    View recent photos

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