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It took a while, but finally Volkswagen comes with a new Bus. Already from 2001 the brand announced for the first time a possible comeback, but now it really seems to be over.

The return of the legendary Volkswagen bus, once conceived by Ben Pon, was announced on Pebble Beach last weekend. The basis for the production version is the ID Buzz, which the brand already showed at the Detroit and Geneva motor shows. "After the presentation of the ID Buzz, we received many responses from customers asking if we could build this car," said VW chief Herbert Diess. You will not hear the characteristic engine noise in the new version: it will be electric. The new model is in fact part of Volkswagens Strategy 2025, which provides for a rigorous expansion of the number of electric models. By 2025 there must be more than thirty.

Whoever is enthusiastic about the new bus, by Volkswagen also called Microbus, must still be patient. The model will only be available in 2022. Volkswagen hopes with the ID Buzz to score especially in North America, Europe and China. As it should be, the new bus is not just a lifestyle car for sun-tanned hipsters who want to take their surfboard to the beach: there will also be an order version. The brand has announced that the ID Buzz Cargo is very suitable for clean distribution traffic and will also be a semi-autonomous vehicle of the Level 3 category.

Although Volkswagen has been showing concept versions of a new Bus from 2001, it is brave to mention that the brand is now taking the car into production. Unlike the new MINI or the Fiat 500, the New Beetle and Beetle were never the success Volkswagen had hoped for. But nevertheless: we are looking forward to this new bus!

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  1. Then create something that looks like it. Such as Fiat with the 500 and BMW with the Mini.
    This is not at all like the original, it is just a new electric bus.
    In this way you can also name the new Transporter Microbus or ID Buzz and call it the successor to the original T1.

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