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It's a name you'd rather associate with a Spanish hairdryer than a Volkswagen, let alone a typical Dutch camper. Yet this Volkswagen T2b Amescador is as Dutch as can be, but you may have already understood that by seeing the dark blue license plate and the bright orange color ... 

By: Paul Peeters

The orange T2b Amescador you see on these pages is a true family heirloom. Owner Alfred was still a small boy when he went to see the variants of the Amescador installed there in 1975 with his mom and dad in the showroom at Ames. Yet he remembers it as yesterday. It is known that bright colors do not leave children unaffected ... After the choice fell on a beautiful orange one, the family made many trips through Europe. Scandinavia in particular was a favorite destination. The stickers on the rear window of the Amescador are still witness to this. 


After the death of Alfred's father in 1997, the bus was left unused in the garage for years. Until at some point it was decided to have a big cleaning in the garage. The fun van that had been used as a means of holiday transport for many years saw daylight for the first time in a long time. Alfred's car interest had taken a completely different turn. (His passion was more towards English sports cars, including Lotus and TVR) Nevertheless, he became somewhat nostalgic when he saw the old orange Volkswagen bus. He decided to make the Amescador technically correct. So that he, in turn, could go on holiday with his family ... 

Not a lot of work

Alfred's father had ensured that his Amescador was always maintained in perfect condition, so the Volkswagen T2b Amescador was in top condition. It took little to get back on the road, even though the bus had been standing still for a long time.

The tires and battery were replaced and the air-cooled four-cylinder 1600 cc boxer engine was fully serviced. After a thorough cleaning, the orange T2 looked like new again, just like in 1975.

The first paint of the Volkswagen T2b Amescador was still in astonishingly good condition. With the exception of some updated stone chips on the front, there is still hardly any scratches left. The original interior is also completely intact, without any damage.

Together with wife Jolanda and their two children Tess and Stan, many trips and holiday trips have already been made with the Volkswagen T2b Amescador, as far as the South of France. Of course they can count on a lot of attention from other holidaymakers, but they are already used to that. The story of their special Volkswagen camper is happily told over and over again to everyone who cares about Volkswagen. A bright orange Dutch camper that seems to come straight from the XNUMXs is therefore no longer an everyday image on European roads ... 

From the archive of Auto Motor Klassiek: text partly taken from issue 8 of 2013.

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