VW Fusca (1963). VW do Brasil by Willie. 

VW Fusca (1963)
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Connoisseurs know when we talk about a VW Fusca that we are talking about an air-cooled type that was produced in Brazil, and that is of course our trusted solid VW Beetle. This story is about this world car that actually crossed the ocean (2008) and came from tropical Brazil – via Portugal – to the cold Netherlands.

By: Dirk de Jong 

This VW Fusca was produced in 1963. It can be concluded from records that have been preserved that Jose Igino Muraca and Mrs. Denise Isabel Caspar were the first owners. The next owner took the car to Portugal where it was stored and not registered, after which it eventually came to the Netherlands and was registered. Willie's first car was a VW Golf, then a VW Vento, but he promised himself that if the opportunity arose he would buy a VW Beetle.

the scavenger hunt

The internet search began. Hours and hours behind the screen, because there was only one condition. The beetle had to be in perfect condition. He didn't want to 'tinker' because he was purely concerned with possession and driving pleasure. The Beetle that was found was this VW Fusca, a beautiful mint green specimen with very special features. The wheel covers have a special logo that is not known in Europe and there are stickers on the windows indicating where the car was produced. But you also don't see the many small decorations on the models we know. Furthermore, he has a very beautiful roof rack that completely belongs to the classic. The Beetle Riding is still one of Willie's lucky activities, which have been going on for more than 10 years now.

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  1. Beautiful car, I fondly remember my 1st car, a 1200 VW 1962 de luxe. The HK0294. I have no idea of ​​the license plates of many cars that follow, but it comes up flawlessly for this one.
    This one in the picture has a very nice color.

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