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    British are a kind of Italians. They can let fantastic plans simmer for so long that every possible buyer says at a given moment: "Mwahhh ... I will." More

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    Davidson 883

    The retro event is mainly Japanese and based on the sixties. We found something French based on the forties. The Davidson 883 XWL 'Warboy' is based on an XL 883 Sportster. More

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    Volkswagen online store

    Rob Bronke has a and supplies a very wide range of mainly air-cooled Volkswagen parts. With his extensive knowledge of the classic Volkswagens, Rob reports that he can deliver quickly and at good prices More

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    Goggomobil T250

    Such a Goggo dates back to the time when happiness was still common and savings were made for something like a car and people were careful with it. The Goggomobil pictured here, a T250 from presumably 1959 - with a right-hand steering wheel - survived for a long time and eventually ended up in a scrap yard in Ireland. More

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    Swallow Doretti

    The editorial staff of Auto Motor Klassiek are on the road a lot and therefore encounter everything. The same goes for the Swallow Doretti pictured here. A product from Swallow Coachbuilding, founded by William Lyons, the man who 'made' Jaguar. Under the leadership of a new management, approximately 250 open sports cars were built in the 1950s, existing ones More

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    Ethanol: E10 in vintage cars?

    Ethanol not only causes serious corrosion in the tank, fuel system and engine, but above all affects non-metals such as rubber and cork that can be found in fuel pumps, carburetors and pipes. Petrol tanks in classics are made of iron and tin ... Therefore, never Euro 95E10 refuel unless More

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    Mazda MX5

    The Mazda MX5 has now reached the status of a classic. Reason to look back at the origins of this one cult car

    . We owe the sports car to the Japanese designer Toshihiko Hirai, who has been on the payroll of the Japanese automobile manufacturer since 1961. He had to fight because the management saw nothing at all in the beautifully lined - open - sports car. More

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    Slow windscreen wipers

    Is it going to rain and your windshield wipers are going back and forth tragically slow? This can have various causes. Your classic usually has an average age of 30 years or more. Have the correct wiper arms been installed? You never know, maybe the previous owner changed them? More

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    Poorly running engine

    After overhauling the engine of your classic car - the job, especially because of the winter weather, maybe longer than expected - you have it all installed again and yes, it runs again. With effort. Popping, popping and then it's silence again. Repulsed. After frantic attempts you get the machine back on track, but the engine is still running very badly. The doubt takes hold of you, the spark plug cables are connected in the correct order, the dots are not too tight, the ignition is on time More

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    Import classics and vintage cars

    People are often trained for the inspection of modern transport and they differ significantly technically from the traditional car or motorcycle. That sometimes causes problems and ambiguities. And so the FEHAC sat down with the RDW to see what they can do about it. Although in principle it should be that everyone with every vehicle can go to the RDW, a selection of five designated RDW inspection stations has now been made. The RDW employees at these stations have specific knowledge of classics. RDW and FEHAC work together to maintain this knowledge and to deepen it where necessary. More

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    Old-timers yet MRB exemption?

    For example, we just read on colleague Autoweek's website that it might not be so bad and the old-timers remain exempt from MRB, also under the new cabinet. For example, sources on Finance confirmed to the magazine. As we understood, the newly appointed State Secretary for Finance Frans Weekers, himself a classic enthusiast and owner of a Peugeot 504, wants to spare the old-timer enthusiasts. More

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