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  • universal joint homokineet

    Universal joint and gay joints

    Universal joints and CV joints Axles with a kink will not work. That is why flexible couplings have been devised. For the drive shaft of a clock, this can be a vulcanized piece of rubber. But for serious work there are universal joints and CV joints. An uneven running The universal joints make it possible to transfer a torque at an angle More

  • Remmen

    Maintenance of the brakes

    Maintenance of the brakes The editorial Guzzi started to use more gas and got a shorter and shorter run-out distance. A brake stuck. The Guzzi has a separate braking system and the right front disc turned out to be the culprit. The reason the brake stuck? That was internal contamination of the brake caliper. Brake pads and discs More

  • Volkswagen

    Milestone: Volkswagen produces 150 million cars

    Volkswagen has reached a new milestone. In eighty years, the brand has built 150 million cars, including of course icons such as the Golf and the Beetle. Volkswagen currently produces more than sixty different models in fifty factories in 14 countries. The 150 millionth Volkswagen rolled off the production line in Wolfsburg, Germany. More

  • BMW

    Adopt an old BMW and be happy

    Adopt an old BMW And keep it alive. Because the two-valve boxers are currently massively falling into the hands of double tattooed bearded men. This new generation of bikers is loosely based on the 'role models' from TV series who also do everything with (semi) classic motorcycles. Things that we, classic enthusiasts, are usually quite amazed about. More

  • Oldtimer farm

    Oldtimer farm open days

    Undoubtedly there will be plenty to do next weekend as well. But if you also want to take a look at cars in a casual way, maybe buy something nice, then we would advise the open days of our Belgian advertiser Oldtimerfarm. They are from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 September and More

  • Classic Park

    Undervalued classics & the Classic Park

    Underrated Classics and Jags & the Classic Park With all the incredibly high prices for incredibly iconic classics, you'd almost forget that there are brands other than Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and Bugatti. And when such a classic on TV is hammered away at a few million $+, you quickly think that More

  • Auto Motor Classic Day

    Auto Motor Classic Day, September 10

    The Auto Motor Classic Day will take place on 10 September, an AMK party on the grounds of Classic Park in Boxtel. Of course, hundreds of classic cars and motorcycles can be enjoyed, but there is more. Theme During the Auto Motor Classic Day we pay extra attention to Dutch cars and motorcycles More

  • Aston Martin

    Goldfinger and Thunderball Aston Martin

    For more than a few days, stories have been circulating that one of the four Aston Martin DB5s used in the James Bond films Goldfinger and Thunderball was stolen and eventually dumped into the sea in Florida, USA. No trace. That rumor flow started in 1997 when a More

  • timing belt

    The timing belt or distribution chain

    The timing belt or timing chain is the most important part of your car engine! Today this is even more true than in the past. For example, by cutting costs digitally, VW TSI engine blocks are already notorious for the problems with the timing chain. If that transmission breaks, there is a chance that More

  • BX

    Talking about reliability: The BX

    Speaking of reliability: Due to the BX passion of one of our freelancers, a message sometimes creeps about 'the last real Citroëns' in the news section. And while the days are gone when birthdays were all about how bad those things were, the BXs remain interesting in terms of More

  • Stickers

    Even more make up: Stickers and striping

     Even more make up: Stickers and striping Yesterday we talked about wrapping cars. But stickers and striping are less invasive. But the result depends on the approach. The stickers that are often used are the stickers with foil on it before applying – rubbing the sticker on. That foil layer keeps More

  • Volkswagen

    Volkswagen bus returns

    It took a while, but finally Volkswagen comes with a new Bus. Since 2001, the brand first announced a possible comeback, but now it really seems to be coming. The return of the legendary Volkswagen bus, once conceived by Ben Pon, was announced at Pebble Beach last weekend. More

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