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  • Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 rebuilt

    Harley-Davidson Sportster. Originality is a thing ...

    The Harley-Davidson Sportster was conceived in the XNUMXs as an answer to the fast English twins. Then they mutated into 'little' Harleys. They became lower and more user-friendly and with that they lost their last bit of Harley Stoerheid for Het Publiek. In Echt Stoere Harley circles fiercely tattoo bikers and accountants talked to weekend beards about Sportsters as 'Wijvenficycles'. In the meantime, it has been proven with our photo model that the Sportsters can be structurally restored to combat strength. More

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    New, used, old, classic

    Classic love can usually be traced back to your childhood, childhood dreams and nostalgia. The motorcycle of a family member, a neighbor or the motorcycle from a story from what was then the only Dutch motorcycle magazine: Het Weekblad Motor. That magazine was printed in black and white on newsprint. The 57th volume, issue 50 of December 11, 1970, cost 65 cents. And on the cover was a close up of the engine block of a Kawasaki 500 cc three-cylinder. Behind it was such a highly valued reader test under the heading '538.908 km with the 500 cc Kawasaki Mach III. More

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    A Harley-Davidson for ...

    It's just an indication, but still… For people under 40, Harley-Davidson is no longer The Brand, but 'a brand'. But quite a few of us are over XNUMX, and that's when nostalgia strikes. More

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    Glass 2600 V8. Great scale model of Schuco in 1 to 18

    It was a prestige project by Hans Glas Gmbh, a serious V8 coupé from Dingolfing. The Glas 2600 V8, designed by Frua, had to become a competitor of the large luxury sports coupes of the time. Glass had developed since the XNUMXs from a motor roller builder and Goggomobil producer to a manufacturer that was also capable of More

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    Sidecar riding is for all seasons

    Sidecar combinations are the best combination of the disadvantages of cars and motorcycles. You cannot pass between traffic jams and you still get wet. But where just about everyone gets into a car carefree, there is a widely held caution with regard to tricycles. More

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    WWII. On to the 76th birthday

    We have almost had the Jubilee of the Liberation and 75 years of no war. And in that year we heard a lot of stories and saw classics with a war past. But what is the chance that the wife of 'Reich Commissioner' Seys Inquart drove around in a Beetle from 1940 sometime between 1945-1948? More

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    Salty Grand Prix 2020 Private Edition

    Notwithstanding last summer it was announced with the big drum that the Zoute Grand Prix would not take place this year, but would be moved to next year, there was eventually an edition without an audience. Fortunately I heard from some insiders that there were plans to continue the rally as a private rally.  More

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