Fiat Dino 2 Liter Bertone Coupé (1967). Italian purebred by Leon Schepers. 

Fiat Dino 2 Liter Bertone Coupe (1967)
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When I was confronted with this masterful car my heart rate spontaneously went to a maximum level. You rarely find that much power and beauty in a classic. It is actually a masterpiece with the Ferrari engine and Bertone bodywork united in one car, the Fiat Dino. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Forgive my enthusiasm, but for me this is the pinnacle of the Italian class. Luxury, power and sportiness come together in a grandiose way. 

The elegant Italian thoroughbred is now a pricey but also sought after classic. At first we did not find the owner, but the restorer, who was happy to tell something about the dark blue beauty with (Ferrari) temperament. 

“The son of Ferrari Alfredo, died in 1956 and was nicknamed Dino. Enzo decided to name all V6 engines Dino in memory of his son. Ferrari wanted to participate in Formula 2 and there engines could not have more than six cylinders and had to come from a production car. In addition, Ferrari had to build at least 500 cars with this engine block. He entered into an agreement with FIAT to produce a sports model in these numbers. So it became a Fiat with the prestige of a Ferrari. You could also say 'family' of the Italian top brand, although the prancing horse is not on the car. ” 

During the restoration of the Fiat Dino, the technician took more than 400 photos to give the owner Leon Schepers a permanent feeling of satisfaction. You can see and feel the perfection of the restoration. It's grandeur and glamor. He is enviable and enviable. It goes without saying that the elegant coupé attracts a lot of attention. The 53-year-old fast Italian is exceptionally beautiful. 


Fortunately we got in touch with Leon Schepers who told us that the find was a fluke. It was completely original and it had not been welded. Something that really appealed to him for a car of this age. In addition, there were only two previous owners. The most extensive project was the engine overhaul. Due to overdue maintenance, this cost a lot of time, energy and euros. The overhaul was taken care of by the skilled technician (specialist in Italian race horses). Are your dreams also going to a Fiat Dino? Then you must have the wind of prosperity in your back. So unattainable for many, but fortunately we can praise this much admired creation.

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  1. Sold mine a few years ago. Needed money for bigger jobs around the house. But sometimes I still regret it, especially when I now see how they had shot up.
    I had a 2400 Coupe in Medio Verde (aka Granny Smith green). Beautiful car that I enjoyed for about 10 years. Sold to Norway where it stood in a museum or exhibition for a year or so after 'restoration'.

  2. What a beauty!! Last year I saw one in dark green at Assen, so beautiful.
    About those Ferrari V-sixes. I learned from Corsa Italia Magazine that “Il Commendatore did not want to see a V6 in the Lancia Stratos a few years later, during the production of the Ferrari Dino, it was no longer possible for him.
    But, Bertone, designer, Lancia, who had strongly recommended the V6 for the Stratos, knew that the Ferrari Dino would be succeeded and so the V6 ended up in the Stratos.

  3. You forget the Voluptuous Shapes (in the list: luxury, power and sportiness). And it is precisely those shapes that are a unique Italian premium (!) Specialty.

    • By the way (in addition): if you see how beautiful such a car was, nowadays it is very sad with the plastic SUV-jes design. The latter resemble the desolate concrete buildings of the 60s and 70s: they are luxurious but you prefer to jump over the railing.

  4. Bought such a color Dino (a 1999) in Switzerland in 2400. Was registered in 1974 on my birthday. How big is that chance ...
    Since production already stopped in 1973, it was probably an “outdated” model. And what kind of one… beautiful.
    The prices of parts meant that I drove less than 3 km in 3000 years. Afraid that something would break. Phenomenal sound. Dogleg gearbox. Sold after 3 years. Not my best decision ever ...

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