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motorcycle museum
Vyacheslav Sheyanov himself on one of the museum pieces
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Through our network we came in contact with a unique motorcycle museum, a motorcycle museum with a very impressive collection of classic motorcycles. A collection that consists of a lot of unique material in new condition. From the toppers from the golden age of motorcycle history, the thirties and forties of the last century. Plus a few exceptions to that rule. At the time, 267 manufacturers from 14 countries were responsible for the creation of 1.809 models. The engine with the largest cylinder capacity from the collection is an 1.500 cc machine, the fastest engine ever was 279 km / h fast.

The motorcycle museum collection

In 'Motorworld' those motorcycles are divided into three categories:

The best of the military motorcycles are listed under the "Elite of Military Motorcycle Industry"
Then there is also the "Elite of Civil Motorcycles and" The tricycles, of which the sidecar combinations naturally form the lion's share.

Brands from 14 countries

The collection consists of motorcycles from all countries, but of course there are also engines from the ex CCCP sphere of influence. Two brands are coming from Austria, and from Belgium too. There are four machines from the former Czechoslovakia, a Danish Nimbus, a couple of French motorcycles / combinations, five engines / combinations from Germany, twenty pieces with British roots, eleven Italians, 10 engines / combinations from Japan, six Polish ones, one Swedish engine and two engines from Switzerland. And actually the flag that covers the entire load is that the machines are all above the 750 cc. Exceptions. Because Russians are pretty flexible.

Well-known and unknown masterpieces

Among them are of course the famous masterpieces such as a Square Four, a BMW R75 Wehrmachtssspann, a Harley-Davidson WLA (plus a whole bunch of other Harleys), a Brough Superior SS100 plus some other “Brufsups” and more beautiful that we may already have have seen it elsewhere before. But a Böhmerland 600cc, a Daihatsu SB-7, a Gilera Marte (Solo), a PMZ A750, a HMC 1500cc, a Kurogane T95 and a Rikuo T97 are surely machines that are worthy of our loving greed. And you can also ride and ride it too.

You can drive

"Motorworld" also organizes weekend trips. That includes luxury transfer from Kurumoch Airport. The program does not only consist of a guided tour through the motorcycle museum, plus conversations with specialists, but also a tour in a sidecar of your choice, a photo session, a ride where the customer can ride a classic himself, an overnight stay. An excursion through the province of Samara and a dinner in the guesthouse "Izba".

The program can be filled in or expanded as desired. The price is due to the custom work on request.

Oh yes: Tours are also organized from Motorworld.

True? Just 1.500 kilometers from Moscow

The entire motorcycle museum is run by Vyacheslav Sheyanov, Peter Moskovskikh, Sergey Lyamin and Alexey Zudochkin. And that is of course an indication that the motorcycle museum is not located in the South of France. “Motorworld” is located at 443546, Samara Region, Volzhsky District, Petra Dubrava, Str. Klimova, 2B. And not much more is known about that place on Google than that the “Motorworld” museum is located there. However, “the Temple of The Nativity or The Blessed Virgin Mary” is one thing. The Samara district is located about 1000 km from Moscow and you can fly there fairly cheaply to Kuromoch Airport with two runways. Just take a look at Google.

Flight tickets to Samara

If you are looking for airline tickets to Samara, you can visit a number of websites

Vyacheslav Sheyanov speaks English, and the museum collection can be viewed online at

There are still quite a few Harleys in Russia

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