Becoming a Tatra specialist is not something you just do

Becoming a Tatra specialist is not something you just do

Become a Tatra specialist? Apparently that happens to you. Simon, Niek and Maarten from Mc Motors & Cars from Arnhem are two genetic technicians.

Tatras are difficult cars

There in Arnhem, in addition to the regular cases, there are also technical problem and hopeless cases. Serious money had already been spent on the gearbox of the Tatra that is now in Arnhem. After the third 'repair after repair', the owner sadly dropped out until he heard about the Arnhem company through the fanfare. And no, Simon Olijslager had no Tatra experience. “But technology is only technology”. A few days of searching on the Internet provide the workshop manuals with exploded views. And to read sizes and tolerances, your Czech Republic doesn't have to be better than Google Translate. A parts source was drilled and work progressed steadily. The interest in Czech technology turned into mild admiration. Tatras are fun!

Just different

The gearbox of such an air-cooled Tatra V8 with the engine and the drive at the rear is a bit different than the average Opel or Datsun box. But while reading in, Simon, Niek and Maarten became acquainted with and admired the technology from the former Eastern bloc. Meanwhile, the story is in the final phase. The Tatra owner is completely out of his dip again. And he made the Arnhem crew very curious.

Because he knew 9 other Tatra owners from his circle of acquaintances whose cars were apparently not available for money or good words. The stubborn technique of those fat Czechs is apparently more often a stumbling block for the more common kind of technicians, mechanics and tinkerers.

Maarten and Simon looked at each other calmly and satisfied: "Well, then we will just become Tatra specialists".

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Becoming a Tatra specialist is not something you just do

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