Diesel runs on four legs

Diesel, asylum dog
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Diesel, asylum dogWe call him because of his name and the fact that the Dutch just as easily let a pathetic asylum seeker dog from Greekendand fly over (Grexit 1.0) as they dump their pet before the summer holidays:

Diesel is waiting for a new boss in Doetinchen.

And if you think "An asylum dog, you never know what you get with it". Then you are right. But remember that there are actually no bad dogs. A dog may have had a bad boss. Be traumatized. But that is usually repairable.

Diesel, asylum dog

Because would you have seen the shamelessly lazy enjoyer on the couch that he was severely maltreated and full of delusion and suspicion when he ended up in the shelter and screamed desperately when we got out of the best that had happened to him until then, the Doetinchem shelter, to take to the car to his new home?



Name: Diesel
: Male
Breed: Totally irreducible bastard
Couple: No.
Age: 4 to 8 year
Can with cats: No.
Can with dogs: No.
Can with children : No.
Sterilized / castrated: Yes
Special care: Treatment of behavioral problems
Can be home alone: Unknown
Can in the car: Unknown
Behavior on the line: Good
Knows basic commands: Yes
Clean: Yes
Vigilance: Watchful
Height at the withers: Greater than 50 cm
Coat care: Little coat care
Can walk loose: No.
Sitting down: No.

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Description: Also called Diesel the tenth. Diesel X is actually a good name for this beautiful crossing rottweiler malinois. Besides the fact that he is the tenth Diesel, who has come to our Animal Center since using our registration program, but also because he is tireless, strong and makes everything "XL". He is a good listening and obedient dog, but one with a manual. I sound a bit like a broken plate: Diesel needs consistent guidance. For people who are hesitant or simply not sure about him, he will try to push the limits. Diesel is also very vigilant: he has given many people the shock of his or her life through his vocal expressions when you walk past his kennel. Yet you have to poke through that. It is not even really meant to be angry, but his kennel is and will always be his place. Diesel is turning into an extremely good dog: eager to learn and willing to work for his boss. Due to its size, strength, tirelessness and rude behavior, we do not place it with children (only 20 + ..). He is not good with other dogs and how he will be with other animal species is unknown.

Diesel is a watchful, active and nice dog that will win you over before you know it. Consistent guidance is, as said, the magic word and if he gets that clarity, he is also a lot quieter and more balanced.

Interested in Diesel?

We always try to keep the website up to date, but it may happen that an animal is still available on the site, even though he or she has already found a new home. That is why we always advise you to contact us first (during opening times 0314 - 324 854 or in order to avoid disappointment.

Asylum:  Stg. Achterhoek animal center (Doetinchem branch)
Edisonstraat 54
7006 RE Doetinchem
Tel.: 0314-324854
Email: info @ animal center rear corner

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