FIAT 600 (1972). A happiness experience for Olger

FIAT 600 (1972). A happiness experience for Olger
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Can you sympathize with Olger trying to get the trusty companion of yesteryear – the Fiat 600 – back on the road? And not only after a total restoration, but also with an electric drive? Do you understand? Is there an explanation for that? 

By: Dirk de Jong

When Olger bought the Fiat a few years ago from a car company in Sneek, the car was still MOT worthy, but the dreaded oxidation process had started much earlier. Fiat was on the license plate, but later it turned out that it was his Spanish sister, who had already seen the welding machine countless times. He was already at the garage company ready for the action of the sledgehammer, because there was no prospect of recovery. 

As a mechanic/sheet metal worker it became a big challenge for Olger, in fact an exciting formula, not only to make him electric, but above all to solve all the problems he would encounter. The car had to be completely rebuilt with new and original sheet metal, welded pieces are 'taboo' for an Olger. 


He was already advised by the Fiat 600 club to go into therapy, because who puts so much time and energy into such a plan, while he could find a reasonable copy within the club? Olger's answer: “No, I want to do this project all by myself. The sheet metal work is simple for me, it is my daily work. I've always had a warm feeling about the Fiat 600, and it's just a challenge! Of course a multi-year plan and difficult work, but that is also what gives me satisfaction.” 


Do you have to be a little strange to have the same attitude? There are classic/oldtimer enthusiasts in all shapes and sizes, from all ages with cars from perfect to project with matching stories. For Olger it is a pleasant outlet, to restore, but also to take on the challenge of giving the Fiat another power source. He focuses on his hobby with passion which gives him inner strength, and that state of mind is for him well-being and wealth…

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  1. electric conversion is the only way to keep such gems on the road and not to flood our roads with ugly tin treated by a high-pressure bicycle pump. Too bad the petroleum lobby has the same streaks as the coal nostalgics.

  2. How can you be against an initiator like Olger? How many old people have we made mobile again by giving them an electric motor? In terms of cars, the 600 is also an oldie. We are going to have a lot of fun when it whizzes past our tables on a sunny terrace without a plume of smoke. go for it! ('oldie' is not meant to be condescending: within 20 years I will be too)

  3. Yes, Olger. I therefore advocate making a modern, electrical copy (beamer?) of the Night Watch and projecting it in the Rijksmuseum on the basis of progress. The dirty, oil-containing variant can then be cleaned up in an environmentally friendly way.

      • Yes, a lot of people are indeed behind facts and a lot of people only read the first sentence in a response and some of it jumps straight to an answer.
        So please read on now.
        I allow everyone to treat their property as they wish. With all due respect, as far as I'm concerned, everyone can practice their hobby as they please, I do that myself and I'm open to approval and disapproval.
        My last sentence about electrification of classics is: I am not against it at all. I'm just not for it. Thanks for the attention.

  4. Jajajajaja, I hear it already there are a lot of people who are afraid of change…….. in the fifties the hot-rod scene arose, where scrap cars are revived by damage to body or engine by “borrowing” things from other cars, also known as recycling. An EV drives many times better / easier than any other drive. but yeah…….! there will always be people who linger in the old instead of embracing the new. And yes, I also have a completely original '50 Chevy bel air, which I regularly enjoy driving.

  5. If you want to drive in environmentally controlled, 'clean' cities, this might be the solution.
    To each his own! And above all enjoy your work and the love you put into it.

  6. I admire Olger's efforts to make the car roadworthy again with new and original sheet metal. But what I find less is that he is not going to make the car original with regard to the drive source. I am very much for originality but then also everything and I am against electric cars in general anyway. The latter, however, is a different story.

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