Ford Capri GT XL (1972) by Fokke. Prize winner.

Ford Capri GT XL (1972) by Fokke. Prize winner.
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The sporty Ford Capri: Driving a pleasure! The beautiful purple Ford Capri GT XL from 1972 is a source of pleasure for Fokke, watching, but above all driving the sporty old-timer. Die Fokke, that's a real Ford enthusiast. We can see that in his collection, which consists of more well-maintained Fords. The Capri is the most versatile and attractive of these. 

By: Dirk de Jong

A hobby only really comes into its own when it gets a little out of hand. Within the Ford classic world, Fokke is a well-known presence and gives 'acte de presence' at many car shows. In addition, he wins the necessary prizes for his impeccable Ford Capri GT XL. Passion is an understatement in Fokke's case. For him owning, driving and showing his Capri is a real calling. 

Emotional Affairs

Fokke is a technical man who works in the dairy industry and the Ford has played a special role from his childhood. We know it all too well. Didn't the hobby of many of us start with the car of father, uncle or grandfather? The Ford Capri GT XL is therefore the car from his youth for Fokke, and to be able to taste bygone days through his collection is very invigorating. A classic is an extension of yourself, they are emotional things that make people choose a certain classic. 

Symbol of exclusivity

After many years of searching for parts at home and abroad, the Ford Capri GT XL was ready for a fresh MOT in 2014. Components? Sometimes super expensive, and no longer available, so he had to work on copying them himself. The joy index also sometimes shot through the roof, for example when he found a sleek bumper at a flea market for only 5 euros. 

Good things take time

It is logical that the total restoration took a long time if you take into account that the renovation of his home and a growing family also took the necessary time. The photos are proof: The Ford Capri GT XL turned out to be perfect, a prize winner. 

We cherish stories

It remains special that you can feel the joy of the owner and that it touches the real enthusiasts. In a playful way we are so busy with the present and past and we feel comfortable with that. 

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  1. beautiful car, also had a capri, formerly the 1700 GT XL, also from 1972 in red with vinyl roof in black. Splendor of a car.

    Ford Capri GT XL (1972) by Fokke. Prize winner.

  2. What a beautiful car!
    The entry-level model had something like 50hp and a top speed of 135km/h, don't worry about that!
    Very beautifully restored with beautiful red color scheme with light interior.

  3. Beautiful Capri, especially with the two liter VeeZes! 90 horses in such a light car was an excellent number in the late 60s, early 70s, an average Kadett or Escort was half or a little more (and no, not the sporty(er) versions of course).

  4. In 2001 I have my Ford Capri 2.0 V6 (91-FV-HH) of the third series. sold at the Autotron in Rosmalen to an enthusiast in Waalwijk. Unfortunately I no longer have contact details. Would love to see it again after 20 years. The purchase from 2001 still has this car following the RDW, so a real enthusiast, that gives me a nice feeling.

    Ford Capri GT XL (1972) by Fokke. Prize winner.

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