Ford Orion 1,4 CL (1993). 100.000 km of fun for Jelle

Ford Orion 1,4 CL (1993)
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Addicted to Ford, that's how you can call Jelle's family. It started with his grandfather with the T Ford and even made it to the press in the old days when he was still driving the oldest T Ford in the Netherlands. In his mind, Jelle takes a giant leap back to his father, who took over the beloved make and drove several Fords. It started with the (English) Ford Anglia, after which he switched to the German Ford types such as the 12 and 15 m series. His motto was: "You never let a Ford down." 

By: Dirk de Jong 

It is now clear that Ford played an important role in family life. The photos show that the Orion was built on the basis of the Escort and because - according to Jelle - that's how he calls his hobby car a four-door Escort. It is a reliable family car with a lot of interior space and as an extra, this sedan is equipped with a large trunk. Despite its age of 28 years, the young timer is in new condition, has always been an indoor sleeper, well maintained and still nice and steering during the summer rides. 

Nine months of shutdown

In 1996 Jelle bought this Ford Orion with only 14.000 kilometers on the clock. After several years of use, the Ford has now been promoted to a hobby car. For him, the four-door Orion is now pure nostalgia. Driving a young timer is not for the expected increase in value, but purely for fun. The value is assigned by someone else, the pleasure is for yourself. 

Ford leads the way

Jelle: “The hobby car is very important to me. First of all because of the Ford tradition in the family, but also because it interrupts the routine of everyday life in the summer. I have of course driven 25 kilometers in the 100.000-year-old ownership, but in recent years there have been practically no more kilometers. So it is 9 months suspension and 3 months of great enjoyment. ” If you are that loyal to brand, Ford should promote him to "officer in the order of the Ford enthusiasts."

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  1. Not only Jelle says so, but Wikipedia also: 'Orion is based on the Escort'.
    Funny in itself, Escort starts as sedan, becomes hatchback and sedan version then becomes Orion. At the time an extremely frumpy car, nowadays a great thing. Looks neat, cherish!
    I was once stopped by the police, reason with a white Orion. Headlight defective, rear light did not work, a few letters were missing at the sign 'stop police'. I didn't quit at first either, thought they were pranksters. A little further on I pulled over anyway. When I told them that I never expected the police to drive such a car, they agreed that I was right. Were not happy with it themselves.
    Unfortunately, it is not true that a Ford never lets you down. Ever had a Focus for a short time. Ding came to a halt late in the evening on the Autobahn in Deutschland. "Air machine (dynamo) defective." And that at 185.000km. In itself he drove well.

  2. Oops, "you never let a Ford stand" in the same breath as the 12m. Don't let my dad read it.
    Every trip to Spain in the 60s was accompanied by a 12m boiling point or moisture.
    Never again a Ford, he said at least half a century later ... :)
    But he was very beautiful, that white 12m compartment!

  3. Would you have bought that Sierra. Rear wheel driven and blissfully comfortable. The diesel from PSA was top notch. The petrol Ford engines were a bit less good… magnesium valve seats eroded

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