Heinkel Tourist (1961); the outdoor pleasure of Jan Wolters

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If you grew up in the 50s/60s of the last century, then this Heinkel is probably still a well-known scooter. The brands that were in charge at the time were the Italians with the Vespa and the Lambretta, while the Heinkel Tourist was also sold well in the Netherlands.

By: Dirk de Jong

At the end of the 60's things got a bit rough. Prosperity gave the opportunity to buy a small car, where the scooter ended up in the shed or was sold. (Or worse, to the scrapyard.) Fortunately, today there is a national association with enthusiastic members throughout the Netherlands who want to keep the Heinkel scooters on the road.


This Heinkel Tourist scooter is an heirloom, it has not been ridden for the last 8 years and the owner came to the conclusion that an enthusiast could enjoy it more. Now Jan Wolters came into the picture, who had been looking for a Heinkel Tourist scooter for a long time and wanted to add this scooter in new condition to his collection of motorized classic two-wheelers. The owner said that his uncle bought the scooter new in 1961 from G. Elbert in Hengelo and that he took over this scooter as an heirloom. Before that, the scooter had been standing still for more than 7 years because of the advanced age of his uncle.

Reliable scooter

The paintwork of the scooter is almost perfect. Except for a small scratch, it still looks just as shiny as just after the purchase in Hengelo. Everything functioning, the engine runs perfectly, original Dutch, just a nice leisure classic two-wheeler.

History known

Jan: “I think the fact that the history is known is a big plus. It is also well maintained. In my opinion, the 60-year-old scooter is just new. For me it is the 'Rolls-Royce' among scooters and it will only be used on sunny days to drive on narrow roads and enjoy the wide views in Fryslân with my friend Sita. The fact that all the booklets are still with the Heinkel Tourist and that the year of construction is also my year of construction is also great fun for me.” Do you recognize the sweet taste of the past with this story?

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  1. They were classy, ​​solid, economical, comfortable, etc. says the 75-year-old man.
    You thought you were rich, privileged, with half helmet and long raincoat, perfectly happy!

  2. Henkel, beautiful machine. I am friends with Leon who in my opinion has the most beautiful collection of Henkel in the Benelux. Wonderful technique. Always running.

  3. The four-stroke Heinkel 180cc was a breath of fresh air between the reng-deng-deng two-stroke Vespas and Lambrettas. I myself have had a Vespa PX 150cc, and I was also allowed to ride such a Heinkel. It really was the Rolls Royce of scooters.

  4. Just wanted to tell you that there is also one driving around in my neighborhood in Assen, I see en passant that it is on the marketplace and for a decent price. So make your move!

  5. anthony.
    As a little boy I had to wait for my bicycle at a crossroads in Apeldoorn.
    I stepped back a little and hit the police officer sitting on the Heinkel, who was wearing a skirt of sorts as protection against the elements.
    he wrote my name on the back of a cigar box. And I did it in fear in my pants.
    never heard of it again.

  6. I grew up in the 60's and 70's.
    Yet I do know this Heinkel well.
    There was one driving near us. And for years. I can still hear and see him driving!

  7. First of all: what a beautiful specimen, this Heinkel, be careful with it. This article also brings back a number of memories, but that's so crazy of course, I grew up between cans of Castrol as it were and enjoyed the short trips sitting on the motorcycle with my father who had a motorcycle shop. In the mid-fifties, the sale of mopeds (in addition to cool bicycles such as Triumph, Horex, Matchless, Ariel, Zündap and Puch) and then the scooters were discussed. We mainly sold Vespa, but also Dürkopp Diana, Zundapp Bella and Aprilla. Vespa was the big revenue generator and from the age of 18 I drove a 150cc “Grand Sport”. There was competition from Lambetta but more intensively from Heinkel, a Vespa dealer could not win, because a Heinkel was mainly bought by people with a strong preference for German quality and a preference for four-strokes. Although I thought “my Vespa” was much more elegant, as a budding mechanical engineer I have always been in awe of the quality of Heinkel.

  8. The Mercedes-Benz of scooters. An aunt and uncle rode it on their honeymoon in the XNUMXs, even over the Alps if I'm not mistaken, to Italy.

  9. In our village there were also a few when I was 18 and started riding a motorcycle we had my brother I'm one to ride in the winter to save the motorcycle and now I even have a few on when I am older and still love to drive it with my wife so relaxed

    IMG 20210130 152035

  10. This scooter has a special “youth” sentiment for me. I was in the 4th grade primary school in Leidschendam, where one of the teachers had a gray Heinkel scooter. i loved it!!
    I noticed then that it looked much more robust than the Vespas. The engine sound betrayed a heavier engine.
    Continue with your Newsletter! Don.

  11. As chairman of Heinkelklub De Kwakel, I can only confirm this story. Fortunately, there are quite a few Heinkels that have stood the test of time. And regularly on the road.
    As a club we do a tour 7 times a year, each time organizing a different location in the country. which are well attended by members. It is rare that one comes to a standstill. The technology of 60 years ago will not let us down today. m
    Knowing more? just look up http://www.heinkelklubdekwakel .NL.

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