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Jaguar E-Type
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The Jaguar E-Type is without a doubt a fantastically beautiful automobile. People who disagree are one hundred percent brand blind or extra gloomy. But beauty, of course, is only outward appearance. And perishable.

And the old adage is "whoever blows his nose violates his face." The nose of a Jaguar E-Type is such an integral part of the car's beauty that the old saying goes very well there.

It's complicated

But only if you look at the hood of a Jaguar E-Type in peace, you will see what a difficult thing it is. "Three-dimensional" has never been more three-dimensional. In countless curves, the sheet metal is lasciviously flattered above the engine.

Even with just a bit of technical insight, you wonder: "How do they make such a thing?" In a unique one-off production you could knock such a hood out of plate. If you had a lot of time and craftsmanship. But the Jaguar E-Type was an astonishingly cheap sports car (at least compared to its competitors) and it was intended for mass production.

Based on this approach, the British have started to think rationally for their actions. They decided that the intricately shaped, forward-opening nose of their showpiece was best constructed from components. A kind of patchwork quilt, which of course would not be stitched, but would be welded.

And so it was done

Of course, after the production of the Jaguar E-Type had stopped for a while and the stocks of new old stock ran out, a problem arose: The hoods were exhausted, while plenty of old E-types were waiting for new noses. Because E-Types had become sought-after classics. And all kinds of forgotten (in the USA!) And neglected copies had become worth the economic effort of restoration.

The story started with inserts and making one good bonnet from several tired ones. But those sources also dried up. So there was 'reference'. Imitation sheet metal. The fitting of these usually required a lot of craftsmanship to get the case assembled correctly. This was not only true for inferior reference, but even for the parts that were copied on the original presses. But that was explained (translated):

A quote from the makers

“We are delighted to offer these hand-assembled, authentic Jaguar-made assemblies. Made and finished by hand using original tools, with original specification mechanisms and fittings.

Please note that age and authenticity include some variables, which result from age and wear of the tools and fits. And essential maintenance and repairs over 50 years of continuous use.

You will also find that every base vehicle will have variations in dimensions and tolerances from original build variants, repairs and renovations, partial or full rebuilds and general age-related movements.

These factors and the specialist manual nature of the manufacture and assembly require time and professional assembly / adjustment to ensure an appropriate installation on your base vehicle.

Installation without regard to these indications and without the correct skills and equipment is at your own risk. ” (Tery's Jaguar Parts).

And after such an explanation, the pastor in the church asks a loud and clear "Amen!" And that is quite right if you know how complicated such a bonnet is put together and what a job it is to hang nicely on it.

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  1. I once had a small E-type (Dinky Toys) whose hood started to close a bit rickety. Screwdriver and suddenly there were various parts on the table that had to ensure the opening and closing of the nose.
    Even with this mini version I quickly gave up and started saving for a new one. This is now also about 45 years old, but I will never venture again!
    In my view, the original is perfection. I can enjoy it every time I come across a copy on the street, but now I would opt for a coupe. Just because of the practicality, because I would like to use him / her.
    Nice article Dolf!

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