JBA Javelin

JBA Javelin
Front was also changed

If you were not completely satisfied ... 

If you were not completely satisfied with the design of your Ford Capri - in this case an MkII - something could be done about it. JBA Motors, a company originally based in Norwich - County of Norfolk - originally called JBA Engineering, had already amazed the world in 1982 because of their creation called JBA Falcon Roadster.

JBA Falcon Roadster

An old-fashioned-looking kit car in which a Ford Sierra was relieved of its suffering for supplying the necessary parts. The company got its name from the first letters of the (last) name of the three initiators Kenneth G. Jones, John Barlow and Dave G. Ashley, formerly all employed at British Leyland. John Barlow, however, soon said goodbye; the company was continued until 2004 by the other two gentlemen. The 'factory' had since moved to Standish, a place in the vicinity of Manchester. The success of the Falcon Roadster led to the JBA Javelin being created in 1985. Based on a Ford Capri.

JBA Javelin

Among other things, the roof was sawn off, a kind of one Plate roof mounted with 'soft window'and removable roof panels. This created an open four-seater. The (polyester) construction kit - including a different hood and grille - cost no less than £ 2.290 and then the work only started. At the end of the ride, the lucky owner then had a precious, sawn-down Ford Capri to enjoy ... In 1989, the JBA Javelin had happened. There were not enough Capri owners to find the conversion. JBA Motors was taken over in 2004 by a certain Tim Banwell, who announced two years later that his empire was for sale. In 2007 he went bankrupt. The smoking remains remained smoldering until 2011 and experienced that year at the annual, big Kit Car Show in Stoneleigh Revival. Ugly or not, a JBA Javelin is a rare appearance today.

This copy

The copy shown here consists of a Ford Capri MkII (with 2 liter Pinto engine) and is the first owner. He thought it necessary to have the work carried out in 1990. At the, let's call it that way, British RDW was then all confused. The umpteenth re-robotization and thus the car got a new license plate, a so-called Q-plate. As a result, the device was registered as a JBA Javelin with the Ford Capri 1990 as the year of manufacture. Obtaining a Dutch license plate is a utopia. Never a classic with a British one Q-plate buy, because that will be a permanent nightmare. Now the specimen shown here was not immediately a beauty. Something had to happen. He was therefore not expensive. 

If you were not completely satisfied with the design of a Ford Capri, something like that could be made. The roof went off and it became a 'soft window' Targa ...
Linen roof could be removed and the roof panels. They could in the trunk
Front was also changed

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