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The BMW R90Ssen were buzzing statements. They were BMWs, they were fast and they were cheerful orange: Daytona Orange (or seriously 'Silberrauch') The colors were sprayed on. And that spraying was done by hand. Because of the free-wrist spraying, every R90S is actually unique.

Paste is not allowed!

And when an R90S is found with taped rather than hand-drawn piping on the paint, then the rider is severely, but fairly, reprimanded. "FOEI !!!" A while ago we were at a BMW R90S meeting. That was a very pleasant but also surprising day. The first thing a German participant did was after he had put his steed on the goat? Bring out a pile of soft flannel cloths. To brush on the spot. He was good for about half an hour and then he got pretty agitated when a fellow enthusiast pointed out to him that it might not be in the original color of the gas hose connection to the Dell'Orto carburetors of his pride.

Weird guys who are Italians

Fortunately, there was a clear answer to that shocking problem. With so many experts together, there is always an answer. At the time, the Dell 'Orto carburetors with acceleration pumps were chosen by BMW as a weakness because home supplier Bing was unable to deliver anything suitable for BMW's racehorse. And with Italians you simply cannot rely on anything. The gasoline hose connection nipples were apparently factory-made in white plastic, black plastic and metal. The white ones were not UV resistant.

Look for the differences

In the meantime, no one was visibly concerned about the fact that the engine in question had a recessed fuel cap ... In endearing contrast: a thoroughly original 'Silberrauch' colored R90S that looked as if it had just been successfully deployed at the battle of Arnhem and the most recent Paris Dakar plus a Daytona orange copy where the carefree owner had done some welding on the frame - or had it done. Why? The 'Elephantentreffen' stickers on the suitcases explained it: in winter the Bavarian purebred horse got a sidecar. That idea also made a few people very nervous.

A strong desire for originality

"Nicht original!" "Kein Originalteile!" "Fold!" Apparently there is a somewhat Calvinistic tendency for originality within the classic BMW world. There is something to be said for that. By three o'clock most enthusiasts have caught up and a few have already gone home. But the 'masses' are waiting for the tour that is set out and driven by a motorcycle enthusiast on a… Moto Guzzi Quota.

The first to follow the Guzzi is the man with the most beautiful R90S of the entire couple. The owner is an eighty year old. And his BMW R90S has almost four tons on the clock. The machine is technically completely in order. But the best are the polished spots on the paint. What 4 + tons of knee contact and flannel cleaning cloths cannot do.

An R90S is very 'Collectable'

In the meantime, such an R90S is therefore a classic. An engine with a fanatic crowd of enthusiasts. Here in the Netherlands, prices are lower than in various foreign countries. Think of asking prices of around € 8.500-9.000 for a very nice and good machine and something of € 15.000 for an absolute winner. In Italy an absolute topper can yield more than 20 mille. According to BMW master sprayer Theo Terwel, color spraying of an R90S costs - if the color parts are not noticeably damaged - around € 1.600.

Of course you can also do your very best to look like it
But it can always be crazier


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