Panhard PL 17 under construction, the Panhard PL 17 from Evert-Jan Bout

Panhard PL 17 front
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Although Citroën (the later owner of Panhard) stopped production in 1967, there still appear to be Panhards under construction, such as this' 64er. The French car industry took its own course in the 50s and the special body of the Panhard PL 17 is a good example of that.   

By: Dirk de Jong

Evert-Jan admires his Panhard PL 17 because he had a teacher in his school period in Hilversum who rode in the beautiful French bodywork. 

Disappointment and frustration changed into decisiveness

Evert-Jan bought the Panhard PL 17 in a safe place in 2015 and realized on delivery that the rust-devil had struck in a horrifying way. Frustration was the result, but also because of the disappointment he managed to find courage to actually restore the car. 


The first step was to ask for advice. Let the car shine. And then to start welding. The engine (a two-cylinder four-stroke) was already taken in hand and the search for parts could begin. Through the Panhard automobile club, Evert-Jan gets the address of one of the parts suppliers in France. He has purchased new sills there. 

Also interesting;

In addition, the active Panhard automobile club has a well-stocked parts warehouse and the necessary advice is available. In his garage at home there was a second Panhard PL 17, although it was ready for demolition, but in the end it could still serve as a parts supplier ...

Through his passionate hobbyism he learned the intricacies of restoration work. Many classic enthusiasts know that it is not an easy task. It is often laborious work, putting a lot of energy into trial and error. It is no hasty job for Evert-Jan, the Panhard PL 17 is warm in a well-lit workshop. And its perfectionism ensures that the car becomes 100 percent original again. In addition to technical work and bodywork, the entire interior is also being renewed. So that it appears as new on the asphalt. 

The end result is then still not visible. But that gives Evert-Jan the time to find out the history of the Panhard PL 17 of 1964. He now knows that four (car) companies have had the Panhard by name and four private individuals. The first owner has owned the car for no less than 25 years. Now he's in the spotlight Auto Motor Klassiek he hopes the GM-98-49 license plate will provide new information. Jan-Evert brings an old love back on the road and when history comes to the surface it gives him the necessary sympathy points. 

Panhard PL 17 rear


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