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From October 1, most petrol stations in the Netherlands must offer gasoline with E10 (10% bioethanol). This has consequences especially for the owners of classics and young timers (both cars and motorbikes and scooters). Carelessly topping up the tank will soon no longer be there, because the combination of, in particular, the older motor vehicles and green gasoline is definitely not a lucky one. Fortunately, there are still plenty of options for carefree driving with the older car.

Co2 emissions, environmental considerations: for years, concepts have determined the financial aspect of driving a car. Now that from 1 October 2019 to replace most Euro 95 petrol stations with E10 petrol with 10% bio-ethanol, there is also an even stronger maintenance aspect. Ethanol breaks down quickly, causing the fuel to lose octane and cetane. The risk of knocking and pinging increases as a result.

Damage to gaskets, rubbers and other materials

Furthermore, older rubbers (e.g. nitrile and butyl), zinc, cork from older carburettor floats, seals and gaskets can be seriously affected by the effect of (too much) ethanol, with leakage and more serious consequences (fire) as a serious risk. Moreover - and this is important to know for owners who store their vehicle for a longer period of time - ethanol-containing fuel starts to show oxidation symptoms after only a few months. It is another reason not to refuel the E10 fuel if the motor vehicle is not suitable for it.

Blockages and loose attack

In addition, ethanol has a cleaning effect, in other words: the deposits in the (traditionally steel) tanks and the pipes can come loose and accumulate in the fuel pump and carburettor. Furthermore, ethanol has a tendency to oxidize, which in turn can clog the fuel system. Ethanol also causes corrosion in fuel systems, and one of the causes is that ethanol also absorbs water.

Premium gasoline

Fortunately, the fuel companies offer alternatives. The premium gasoline (V-Power, BP Ultimate, Total Excellium) is not produced with E10. Shell and BP also provide the V-Powers and Ultimates of this world with an octane number (so no content, ed.) Of 98, which makes them also suitable for older vehicles. As long as these fuels remain on the market in unaltered form, the advice to classic and young-timer owners is to (from 1 October) refuel the so-called premium fuels. In contrast, the "102" fuels - also suitable for classics and youngtimers - per 1 October 2019 are almost out of favor. From that moment they are hardly offered anymore. Hardly, because TanQyou provides in a number of places this ethanol-free fuel.

Additives to combat ...

An alternative to premium petrol is provided through the various oil specialists (such as offered. Among others there are additives available that reduce the ethanol content completely or completely. Millers, For example, offers VSPE Power Plus, a product that acts as a lead replacement and as an ethanol killer. Putoline and Lucas also have such products on the shelf. For engines that are suitable for driving on unleaded petrol, but not for E10, the aforementioned parties (Millers EPS is an example) offer separate ethanol killers. For engines that are not suitable for lead-free - you know that - it is still important to add lead replacement after refueling. Incidentally, it strongly depends on the motor vehicle brand, which products are the most suitable. Some classic and brand clubs also recommend other protectors, such as MHF (Mercedes-Benz). In any case, it is advisable to always seek additional advice from a brand and / or classic club.

E10 suitability per brand, model and engine

As a rule of thumb, it is sometimes assumed that any motor vehicle after 1 January 2000 is suitable for E10 fuel, but that kite certainly does not apply. On the other hand, it goes too far to say that a motor vehicle with a date of first authorization for 1 January 2000 is not suitable for E10 fuel. It depends on the brand, engine type and model. For example, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Audi and Volvo produced ethanol-resistant engines for (a number of) their models quite early on. And BMW, for example, claims that all models are suitable for E10. Other manufacturers were later making ethanol suitable for their power sources.

Double check

So avoid confusion. Check in any case whether your car or motorcycle is E10 suitable. You do well to to consult, but above all: consult the specialists and the oil trade. In other words, a double check provides extra certainty for the answer to the question of whether or not you can refuel E10 fuel for your vehicle. Anyway: leave E10 petrol alone if your motor vehicle is not suitable for it.


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  1. Tank 102 gasoline in the Kreidlers and since I do this they run much and much better than with E5 or even V power, the difference is really noticeable.

  2. I drive a Mercedes 190.e 2.0 ltr from 1993 automatic which gasoline do I have to refuel here after October 1. I hear various opinions
    Grt janus

  3. Finally a good article instead of internet. With regard to the remark that the premium gasoline mentioned do not contain ethanol, is that somewhere published by the suppliers? I can't find that anywhere

  4. The article talks about an 'octane content of 98'.
    However, that is not correct. This is an 98 RON fuel.
    Research Octane Number 98. With regard to knock resistance, it behaves as a fuel containing 98% iso octane and 2% iso heptane. With modern fuels, however, containing 98% iso octane is no longer the case. Other additives realize the intended knock resistance.
    So it concerns, correctly expressed, the so-called octane number. This is further underlined by a fuel with the indication 102 RON. So it really does not contain an 102% iso octane 🙂

  5. In practice, at all gas stations that I know, the euro 95 has long been of E10 content. The disadvantage of E10 is also the lower combustion value, you need more and therefore drive less economically. As a result, the alleged environmental benefit is more or less canceled out.

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