Renault 16 TX (1974). A great piece of comfort for Henk. 

Renault TX (1974)
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Perhaps a bit strange to put it that way now, because the Renault 16 TX has stood still for many years as an eye-catcher in the 'display window' of the Dijkstra garage. But the 16 TX had already proven itself for Henk. In its time it was just a car with special features.

By: Dirk de Jong

It is known that it was purchased new in Sneek from Renault dealer de Vries, where it returned after many years as a trade-in car at Dijkstra in Leeuwarden, who maintained the elegant top model perfectly and regularly at the new owner.

The networks are active

It was logical, that when Henk heard that the car would become available, he immediately wanted this great piece of comfort back in possession for his unique Renault & classic collection. After all, the Renault 16 TX was the most luxurious version and was also 'car of the year' in 1965. The jury already thought that the design and technology were very progressive.

Renault 16: Value for money

Henk: “From a technical point of view, maintenance at the Renaults meant a line. Lubrication was no longer there, and for those who kept track of the turns, driving was always without problems. We had a lot of 16 riders in Leeuwarden who generally drove a lot of kilometers and who we didn't see much in the garage. ”

Free up time for the hobby?

How is it possible that Henk can make time for his car hobby. In addition to this Renault 16 TX, there is also a Renault Avantime, Renault 5 in convertible version, but also one Citroën DS and some other classics that would all deserve to be described. His answer is clear: “By being busy with my car hobby I clear my head. That is wonderful, you don't think about anything anymore, you feel 'mentally cleansed' again and then you can tackle your daily busy activities again. ”

Fortunately, there are still many enthusiastic people who want to keep the driving heritage alive. The Renault 16 TX is unique for Henk in many ways. With him it is not necessary to investigate from a psychological perspective where the fondness of the Renault brand stems from. The evidence piles up when you visit his Renault classic paradise. Then it's just 'plus de plaisir'.

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Renault TX (1974)

Renault TX (1974)


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  1. Bonjour je cherche renault 16 TX comme celle que vous présentez , verte de la meme couleur est elle à vendre peut importe le prix si oui merci de me le faire savoir.Bien cordialement

  2. Yes, a lovely car to drive in that 16. I have had 2 shortly. One has a broken head gasket, weak point I understood and the other always problems with starter motor. That was a machine. You couldn't push it so it quickly gets annoying. I'm talking about the early '80s here.

    In '88 I continued driving Turkey with friends to the Iranian border. Before that, we had purchased a second-hand VW bus with a gray license plate, so without seats in the back. We built it in ourselves. Just go through the pillowcases to the most beautiful and, above all, tastiest chairs. And you guessed it, seats from a Renault 2TX, dark blue fabric. They were really delicious. The result was that everyone wanted to sit in the back of the trip on those luxurious armchairs. Yes, the R16 remains an iconic comfortable car for me

  3. My brother also had 1 white TX
    We did maintenance ourselves, only the oil filter could not be reached. Called the Renault dealer was a well-known one, well let's always sit down, you don't get to it
    Class car to drive

  4. In fact, the Renault 4 was the first modern five-door car in 1961. The 16 extended that to the higher segment; very revolutionary for then.

    What a beautiful copy this one is! Beautiful green with beautiful brown leather.

  5. The R16 was the first 'modern' 5-door car in the 60s.
    Other brands followed later based on this example and thus the start was made with the disappearance of the trunk of family cars.

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