Renault 25 TXI. Beloved business car

Renault 25 TXIA
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Due to the unwavering enthusiasm of the Renaultfan Jaap, we touch the keyboard again to describe its part in the preservation of the mobile heritage. His Renault 8 S and his possession of a car with temperament have been mentioned before: the Renault A 110. This time, his Renault 25 TXI is the subject.

By: Dirk de Jong

The Renault 25 TXI is a special model, with its two-liter engine and three valves per cylinder. The 136 hp four-cylinder has a top that is only 3 kilometers less than the highly motorized six-cylinder 'Type 25'. 

Jaap is in good company with his top model because the former French president Francois Mitterand also drove this model as a government limousine. Where has the time gone? According to Jaap, this Renault 25 TXI in the black metallic color scheme is still the only driving in the Netherlands. (Speaking of exclusivity.) The test of time has no effect on its appearance. The 28-year-old is still looking radiant. How could it be otherwise if you have owned it for 16 years, whereby the car is still cherished. (Jaap sometimes rightly calls his garage: the basement room).

Despite the fact that the Renault 25 TXI does not appear on the road, the story about its possession already gives a grin from ear to ear. Jaap is not only a collector of special Renaults, but also collects friendly people around him. This gives other classic fans a sense of well-being. He also radiates his 'Renault happiness energy' to both his daughters who drive both - modern - Renaults. According to him, you cannot tap into a better source of happiness.

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  1. There are several driving Txi's in NL.
    Of which 2 other black ones.
    So our enthusiast is not on the right track there.
    What I agree with him is that it is a fantastic car.
    Had a number of V6 models myself and also a late 2.2 8-valve
    Now looking for a late txi or V6

  2. I've had 3 R25.
    1st was a Turbo-D with 84 hp driven 340000 km
    2nd was a GTX 123 hp 100000 km
    3rd was R25 Baccara; brown with brown leather, driven from 375000-500000 km and still good.
    These were fantastic cars.
    If I can get another nice copy, I'll buy it.

  3. Long time ago I've seen one. Parents of a friend of mine had one. With speaking computer by the way !!! Is really worth mentioning for that time😜
    One evening they drove away from him to home. A taillight didn't work. Both doors opened and closed again, and they drove on. They couldn't understand English Engels

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