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Suzuki RG250
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Once upon a time, two-strokes were the fastest engines of all time. Now they are almost extinct. The Suzuki RG250 Gamma is a sleek example of its kind. The little RG was a two-cylinder, parallel, 250cc, water-cooled, two-stroke engine produced from 1983 to 1987. One of the main features of the Suzuki RG250 Range was the then incredible power-to-weight ratio. Some 250 cc RG can produce up to 45+ horsepower at 8500 rpm and deliver max torque of 38,4 Nm at 8000 rpm, with a weight of approximately 130 kg.

The first of its kind

De Suzuki RG250 Range was the very first mass-produced motorcycle with a lightweight aluminum frame and an aerodynamic racing fairing. The 250 cc was specified for a top speed of 172 km / h. The Gamma also had a very advanced 'Full Floater' suspension system for the time, with the first series having 'anti-dive' forks. All in all, the bike was called the first street-legal racer. In the 5 years of production, the model underwent three major updates.

The RG250 has a liquid-cooled parallel twin engine with 46 pk - the Walter Wolf version has 49 - power at a relatively low speed of 8600 rpm. The Suzuki RG250 Range is a two-stroke, but is water-cooled and the six-speed power unit is suspended in a beautiful aluminum frame with the aforementioned full floater suspension. The small - there was also a 500 cc version - RG is a very fast, well-handling motorcycle. This bike is also made limited in special Walter Wolf editions.

Walter Wolf?

Walter Wolf (born October 5, 1939) is a Canadian oil drilling equipment supplier who made a fortune in North Sea oil production in the early 1s and decided to buy into the world of Formula 1 racing (F1). Wolf became a well-known businessman in Canada. Initially, his money helped support Frank Williams's young F1977 team before Williams left in 1 to form Williams Grand Prix Engineering (later the Williams F1979) team. Wolf's team continued as Walter Wolf Racing, winning three F1 Grands Prix in XNUMX.

Walter Wolf was inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame in 1998. His motorsport sponsorship was worldwide, including tobacco sponsorship for his Walter Wolf cigarette brand. He sponsored motorcycle teams in Canada and the Suzuki factory team, which used RG500s, so that's the link to the official Factory Suzuki team in Japan and the special Walter Wolf RGs.

It is all history

In the meantime, two-strokes, very fast two-strokes for manufacturers and regulators in the environmental and speed fields are just as popular as sturdy hugs in the Corona era. Such a small, fast two-stroke, such a breed horse as the Suzuki RG250 Range? You can only go with that to flame. So such a screaming shaver is only suitable for track days. On the other hand, you have a rare piece of motorcycle history. A machine that is so special that it also comes into its own when it stands under a set of LED spotlights in the room. Because then you have a beautiful altar for times when this type of technology was still very hot. By the way, we found our fashion model with our friend Alex Janssen from Gendt. And that 'dt' is not a game plural.

More about classic engines can be found via this link.

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  1. I have the Italian counterpart, the Aprilia RS250 Reggiani
    Blok is based on Suzuki's RGV250, which is another embroider on this one.
    Wonderfully fun machine.
    Thirsty as a Templar, but that sound . . ... .

    both aprilias 1

  2. There is a led light on the ww 250cc between the neutral and right turn signal. But the description on the dashboard is in chinese. What is this for? Thank you in advance.

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