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    BMW E30 M3. Balance between competition and everyday use.

    This year, the really spicy version of the BMW 3 Series is thirty-five years old, almost as long as Auto Motor Klassiek. In 1986 – based on the E30 Baureihe – the BMW E30 M3 saw the light of day. According to the makers, this was the car that set new standards in the sporty segment. And BMW – together with its Motorsport division – was committed to creating the perfect balance between a high-performance sports car and everyday use with the M3. The Bavarians succeeded in this plan. More

  • Volvo 440

    Volvo 440

    In June 1988, Volvo unveiled its new 440. It is a five-door family car that shares its technology with the Volvo 480 sports coupé. For Volvo, it signifies the definitive embrace of front-wheel drive. The development of the Volvo 440 starts in 1978. The new project called 'Galaxy' is to refer Volvo to the Volvo models of More

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    AMK 2016. A great year at Auto Motor Klassiek.

    The accreditation of the Classic Motor Show in Bremen had just been handed to me, along with the press release full of information. And the confirmation of the announcement that Walter Röhrl would give an extensive autograph session that special afternoon of February 5th. It was the chance to speak to this multiple world champion. when I's More