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    "Addition for young timers may still remain 35%"

    The addition for youngtimers that emit CO2 will probably remain 35% of the Value in Economic Traffic. We previously published that the addition for cars aged 15 and older would be reduced to 1% as of January 2017, 32. Initially, the young-timer drivers - who use a business car for commuting to work - seemed to be in for a treat. More

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    The sustainability bubble

    The sustainability bubble. The reason why so many lease drivers opted for hybrid buzzer boxes? The low addition. And then just continue to burn gas at a low rate. After all, electricity is for microwaves and razors, right? However? The petrol car is gaining popularity in the lease market. Is it because the sustainability bubble has burst? In the first More

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    Lower House leaves youngtimer alone and gives oldtimer lobby an extra dimension

    Last week, the House of Representatives approved the addition scheme proposed by State Secretary Eric Wiebes for the transitional year 2016. Last Thursday, white smoke billowed from the Binnenhof. That signal means good news for the young-timer sector. It also offers the old-timer lobby an extra handle, although the Senate still has to finalize the plans More

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    Youngtimers prices dropped

    The youngtimer owner also had to believe in 2009 and the first half of 2010: the prices of standard youngtimers have fallen by a few tens of percent in the last two years. More