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  • Pontiac Phoenix

    Pontiac Phoenix: box upon box

    Compact car is a vehicle size class - mainly used in North America - that sits between sub-compact cars and medium-sized cars. The current definition is similar to the European C-segment or the British term “small family car”. Before the contraction of the US auto industry in the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, larger wheelbase vehicles were Read more

  • Buick Eight Super

    Buick Eight Super 1953, restoration

    The American Dream By Max de Krijger Erik Brederode's 1953 Buick Eight Super is an anniversary car. The brand existed for 50 years at the time and that is why the anniversary model has been given a V8. Connoisseurs see this immediately, although the chance that you will encounter the exact same version in the Netherlands is not so Read more

  • in

    US dreaming: 3 eight-cylinder

    3 Eight cylinders. A story about a Ford Galaxie 500 V8 Hardtop, a Chevrolet Nova SS and an imposing Buick from 1946… The latter does not have its eight-cylinder in V shape, by the way. It doesn't have a V8, but an eight-in-line engine. Does not matter. That also sounds nice. They are in AMK number 7. If it Read more

  • Opel GT 1900

    A passion for Opel GTs

    And share the source of worldwide sales of Opel GT. It will come as no surprise that that epic center, which is Valhalla for Opel GT enthusiasts, is of course in Velswijk, only about 540 kilometers from Paris. Patrick Suselbeek is an Opel GT adept and the garage company named after him is also busy Read more


    Bob Evers and the cars

    Back in the day, when youth still read, the Bob Evers series was an insanely popular boys' book series. HBS friends Arie Roos, Jan Prins and their American friend – yes – Bob Evers battled with crooks, pirates and the like. Writer Willy van der Heide was possibly one of the first writers to have the light of business Read more