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  • Honda CB 360

    Honda CB 360, not very popular yet

    The Honda CB 360 … closing the gate is no reason for historical appreciation. It's more like, “Oh yeah, there was that too. Any further news?" From 1969, two-cylinder motorcycles were actually all dated. Not really current for dreamers anymore. After all, Honda had launched the engine of the last century? […] More

  • Forgotten classics

    Forgotten classics are becoming popular

    We see the best example in the car corner: Now that Ugly Ducks have become unaffordable because some young dynamic Randstad residents want to express their Life Style with them, the R4s suddenly become more expensive. Because you can dance, even if it's not with the bride. On two wheels we see the same thing happen: the forgotten […] More

  • Honda CBF 125

    A Honda CBF 125. Everything used to be better

    Of course, not everything was better in the past. But sometimes you cannot help but conclude that the cry does carry some truth. Like the Honda CBF 2009, produced from 125. Because after a few years of use, it compares very badly with its old brother – say – the […] More

  • Motorcycles

    Small, light motorcycles

    Small light motorcycles. Then from day 1 of the motorcycle history we are talking about about 80+% of all motorcycles that were and are being made worldwide. Because motorcycles were the motorized transport for people without money for a car. And the step from a bicycle to a light motorcycle was made faster than that […] More

  • Honda Dream

    A Honda Dream in the attic

    Of course the Internet is quite a thing these days. But nothing beats real conversations between real people. Because in such a conversation, with someone you've actually known for quite a long time, you can just muse: “So for you it all started with a Honda Dream? I have another thing like this on […] More

  • Honda CB 400 N

    Nice ride on a Honda CB 400 N

      Well. That's all there is. The Honda CB 400 N was intended as a 'commuter bike', as a commuter bike. Not as a pk warehouse or status symbol. And there's nothing wrong with that. And if you now run into a neat 1982, for example, then you are lucky. Because as early as 1982, such a Honda […] More

  • Honda CB350

    From consolation prize to main prize: The Honda CB350 F

    The small Honda CB Four would initially come out as a Honda CB250 and Honda CB350 cc version. In the end, only the Honda CB350 Four saw the light of day. The Honda CB350's were the smallest Honda four-cylinder model of the 'OHC' range. They were made from 1972-1974 and they were wonderful machines. RECOVERY […] More