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    Dodge pickup: Just fall in love

    The 1951 Dodge Ram Pickup from 1951 is a utility vehicle. A brave, endearing little donkey. And that all the way to the nature of the USA pickups that have been the largest part of the American fleet since time immemorial. Nowadays the pickups are no longer structurally Made in the US of A. And they are no longer sober and basic. But in 1951? Back then, the highly modern 'pilot cabin' of this Dodge was very impressive. With that you showed that you were not just off the tail. That you drove a Dodge. More

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    USA pick ups: Diligent workers

    That patina is beautiful and nice. But when you buy such a tough American pickup, the structural health counts more than the paintwork or the fresh chrome. Americans are masters is cosmetic work that hides the world from misery. For example, in American 'restorations' we regularly encountered centimeters thick filler layers surrounded by Chinese chrome. More

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    Dodge from Van der Werff

    Van der Werff Transport BV, currently located in Heerenveen, but – if the information provided is correct – once started in the Frisian Wytgaard, has now been around for 100 years! The company that was involved in all kinds of small(er) transport jobs in those early years has – as it is now called – grown into a professional […] More

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    Dodge Aries

    The Dodge Aries pictured here, traced along the road in a small village in Friesland, took your traveling editors all the way back to the early eighties. Such a Dodge – part of the Chrysler brand, which is now owned by Fiat – is seen as an ultimate attempt to gain a foothold […] More

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    The miljeu. Verkeerd afgelopen?

    Mwah. We believe that the environment will do better. But according to our information, the Dodge in the photos had to be removed from a garden or orchard because of Het Miljeu because it had been there for 6 + years.

    The car was taken to the neighbor, a DIY garage to at least bring him back to life. More

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    A classic as a service car

    A classic as a service vehicle. Is that allowed? At first we thought we saw a driverless car approaching. But Moniek van Donkersgoed, lawnmower driver, scrambled out of the 4WD Dodge. Completely serious with Ceiling Online as a sponsor. The most rare. LPG fueled 4WD Dodge, which is about twice the height of its rider, […] More

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    Dodge Weapon Carrier

    You never see them that way and you see them everywhere. That is often the case. Also in the French Veynes (Hautes Alpes) we saw on a field of an almost deceased Citroën garage More

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