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    Fill up E10 gasoline

    From October 1, most petrol stations in the Netherlands must offer gasoline with E10 (10% bioethanol). This has consequences especially for the owners of classics and young timers (both cars and motorbikes and scooters). Carelessly topping up the tank will soon no longer be there, because the combination of, in particular, the older motor vehicles and More

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    The difficult gasoline story

    Gasoline is a volatile, flammable petroleum derivative. For people interested in the deeper backgrounds of this matter, we recommend purchasing “Lucky Luke in the shadow of the derricks”. But we decided to go in depth. Without air miles. E 10. And then? Or: E10, the New Naft That is 'naft' More

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    Ethanol killers ...

    Demand for ethanol killers is rising as European governments decide that Euro95 will disappear at the pump. Filling stations only offer (green) E10 at the pump, that is fuel with 10% ethanol. CLASSIC CARS AND ETHANOL Classic car owners are stirring because this is not good news for them. Ethanol breaks down quickly More

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    E10 with the Belgians

    E10 at the Belgians. Just like in France, Belgium will replace euro 95 by E10. This means that drivers of classic cars in particular have to pay attention at the pump. The measure will be introduced on 1 January, after which it will no longer be possible to refuel 'normal' Euro 95. in that More

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    Confused with E10

    But also when it comes to combustion, the use of E10 in carburetor engines creates an additional problem. The fuel properties are in fact considerably affected by 10% admixture of ethanol, because ethanol has a lower combustion value than gasoline. This means that more ethanol is needed to achieve maximum combustion with a certain amount of intake air. So you actually need larger nozzles for carb engines. More