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    Army motorcycles. 75 years after WWII

    The second world war is 75 years over. But is still 'alive'. There has never been so much re-enactment done as now. And whether that is a tribute or just playing soldier? Pretending is taken pretty far. Because a lot of army motorcycles that pass for German sidecar combinations? Those are Read more

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    Matchless G3L

    By: Geert Huylebroeck At the end of the 19th century a certain HH Collier built bicycles and to indicate that they were of very high quality, he sold them under the name Matchless, unrivaled in English. However, there were no motorcycles yet. Later the sons also joined the company that Read more

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    Matchless is coming back ...

    Matchless belongs to the group of brand names that in the meantime has had more owners than machines are made of it. Now just rescued from Greek hands by a bunch of Italians.

    The Malinotti clan wants to make Match lessons Read more