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  • Dolf Guzzi 650

    A generation gap and upbringing – column

    As current classic enthusiasts, we usually had that generation gap with our parents. A moped friend of mine, after barricading his bedroom door, went to bed with his helmet on. Because his father, head of a Catholic Boys' School, had sworn that his son had to get rid of his long hair. As sixteen-eighteen year olds, we were pleasantly obsessed with mopeds, motorcycles and cars. And to make that our property, we even wanted to work. What we usually did, by the way, is proof that low-paid work was already invented before neo-liberalism reached its full maturity. More

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    Spring is tingling in the air again

    I look forward to the coming summer and reflect on the past summer. Of course I care about health. For example, I have almost stopped smoking. But that was more because I smoked more per month than the purchase of an extra garage box cost me. So I'm all for the extra storage space More

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    Column - ABS, which is useful

    I drove quietly within the built-up area. On a priority road. From the left came what I think is a modern motorcycle in a fast Tupperware outfit. We approached the intersection. He braked. And went on his record. I thought all modern-style motorcycles had ABS. That's the only electronic control cousin I would More

  • India

    India. Who travels far away ...

    … can tell many stories. And classic enthusiasts travel a bit. For the real die-hards among the classic motorcyclists, the information below comes like manna from heaven. Although: we don't know if Shiva, Brahma and Ganesha are also in the manna business. You have to pay for advertisements. After all, we also have to live. The visitors More

  • Age

    Age is relative for classics

    Last weekend I had a long chat with a colleague. Someone who is also genetically a motorcyclist, someone who is very involved with technology, someone who likes classics much more than new stuff. We were talking about our classic motorcycles and their parts supply. If you can make things yourself For Robin is More

  • AWO

    AWO Simson

    Motorcycles instead of guns Hunting weapons supplier Simson from Suhl was no longer allowed to make weapons after the Second World War. So it was time for a new way to put bread on the table. Fortunately, everything was well organized in the former GDR. Simson was commissioned by the Deutsch Sowjetische Aktiengesellschaft Awtowelo (AWO) More

  • Abbreviations

    A motorcycle used to have a kickstarter

    A motorcycle used to have a kickstarter, four gears, a horsepower or 50 max. and two brakes. That is different now… Below we have listed the most common abbreviations of current assistance systems. To make us realize once again what future classic enthusiasts will have to deal with. Our electronic helpers. More

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    A spring afternoon, a motorcycle and two children

    On a cautious spring afternoon it is nice to meander around the moped. A neighbor across the street comes up the garage path with her son. On the motorbike The boy had already told me once before that he was completely captivated by motorcycling. But then he didn't dare come close More

  • classic driving

    A first introduction to classic driving

    A first introduction to classic driving. This option is now also available for enthusiasts of classic motorcycles. I want to have as many classic motorcycles as possible “I want to have as many classic motorcycles as possible” sounds much less strategic than “I see a revenue model in the rental of classic motorcycles”. With that approach, Hans Koopman gets on More

  • bottom finds

    Soil finds

    Soil finds. That sounds like something between Kunst & Kitsch and mudeum work. However? But there's more. The Maas was partially dry after the tanker mate missed some information. But the water in the IJssel is also low. Usually at low tide you only see old bicycles and some shopping carts. Sometimes you suddenly see something More

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    Exchanging. Motorcycles from then and now

    Swapping I just scored a croissant and I walk back to my motorbike. In the meantime, two recent two-wheelers and a few motorcyclists are standing there to prove that the aging population is not that bad within our passion. The extremely high average age of motorcyclists is of course partly due to my great-uncle Garty. He has his More

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    The 33th Veterans and Classic motorcycle tour

    The 33rd Veterans and Classic motorcycle tour. In Eerbeek of course… That is a day out far beyond Eerbeek for old motorcycles and their owners. There is of course the most space in the largest province of the Netherlands. On August 21, for example, the 33rd Veterans and Classic motorcycle tour will be held. In his More

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