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  • Rare and yet not sought after…

    Ish, rare and yet not sought after…

    As a motorcycle dealer, what should you say to a doubting candidate if you don't know it yourself anymore? “But he's purple. Purple! PURPLE!!! Buy it anyway!” Ish… Or so IZj (Russian: ИЖ) is a Russian motorcycle brand, produced in Izhevsk by Izhmash, from 1996 IzhMoto. Nice old mechanical artifacts, these Russian working animals. † More

  • DSCN0880

    BMW K1. Dream bike or nightmare?

    BMW made 'old cock engines'. That was clearly the perception of the more dynamic motorcyclists after the arrival of the large, fast Japanese four-cylinder. But sturdy blond techies with square foreheads above their blue eyes can of course also go crazy. Also at BMW. If you just give them the chance. So the BMW K1. More

  • Ariens Harley

    Harley-Davidson: A chiseled purchase?

    Then you are faced with a few areas of tension: Factory original copies are rare. Plus the well-known statement “You don't write off anything on a Harley”. The bike in the photos started life as an 883 Sportster. The block grew to 1200 cc and was further tuned. In the conversion to a 'high legger', the builder ran about […] More

  • Honda CBR600F 88

    Honda CBR 600 F. Pretty pointless now. But quite nice.

    For many of us, 1986 still feels like yesterday. But a motorcycle from that year is already 35 years young. In the summer of 1986, the motorcycle world was even different. It was the time of fairings and sporty but usable engines. In the XNUMXs, motorcycles were still supplied as all-rounders. You made them sporty after purchase by means of a low handlebar, rear-set footrests (Raask!) A sports buddy and an exhaust system that loudly supported the sportiness. Touring riders mounted higher handlebars and bags or suitcases. The XNUMXs were also the years when motorcycles became reliable. More

  • BMW R90 / 6 and BMW R75 / 5
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    BMW R90 / 6 and BMW R75 / 5

    Ben van Kaam owns a BMW R90 / 6, a 900 cc from 1975. He is crazy about this brand with a boxer engine and he doesn't get that from a stranger. Father Jos also likes to sit on his German motorcycle. An R75 / 5 with 750 cc from 1972. More

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    Moto Morini Corsarino ZZ

    In any case, because Italians start everything with conviction, there were a lot of motorcycle brands. Moto Morini was certainly not the least of these. Our model is a Moto Morini Corsarino ZZ. More

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    Triumph Bonneville. A memory

    Recently I drove for a client on a new one Triumph Bonneville. An iconic motorcycle type from a brand with an illustrious name. A tribute to everything that was once British. Oh yes: the new Bonnies are made in Thailand. But Benelli is now a Chinese brand and Royal Enfield is working overtime in India. More

  • Triumph 6T Thunderbird

    Triumph Thunderbird - A Thunderbird and a girl

    The village I once came from was really just one attraction. And that was a young woman who had one Triumph Thunderbird drove. It was long before I became interested in old engines and young women, but the hum of the twin still buzzes in my memory on fine days. Sun […] More

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