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  • Leakage

    Leakage? He marks his place!

    The older the car, the greater the risk of a leak. Following a fresh puddle of oil on the garage floor, let's take a look at leakage problems that can arise. Leaks can occur in various places in the car. In fact, it can go anywhere where liquids and gases are used More

  • Almost always forgotten: Change the fork oil

    Change the fork oil

    The front suspension is pretty much the most important handling component on a motorcycle. And what maintenance does that front suspension get? Usually 'none'. In the best case scenario, the front fork seals are replaced once they start to leak. And even then it is often overlooked that this leakage is due to 'pitting' of the chrome of the front fork legs. More

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    As a classic owner, you do the tinkering yourself, of course? Therefore, the valve cover must be regularly disassembled to adjust the valves. And then you suddenly see that the inside of the valve cover is provided with a tasty (…) white gunk that reminds you of mayonnaise… 'Sludge' in technical language. Don't panic, you have to More

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    A simple solution

    Carter pans are subtle things. Especially when they get older. Because who doesn't recognize that eternal drop at the carterplug? The solution is simple as always. With a Brezan presentation we saw the Smart-O plug. A crankcase plug with an O-ring in the threaded part More

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    Until the end of the last century, a car or motorcycle had to be 'run in'. That meant that the owner of the new vehicle had to handle it with care. No top performance from the machine desire, no high speeds, but especially not too low. The mechanical parts had to run into each other. More

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    Mineral and synthetic engine oil?

    Mineral and synthetic engine oil: The engine of your classic car must be filled with mineral oil. Especially when the machine has already had some adventure. Now it is possible that you are on the road and the van with the spare oil has already smoked, you arrive at a modern gas station and then they only sell there More

  • big turn

    A cost

    A friend of mine has an 1600 cc BMW. Not a classic car, but a new engine. Recently that showpiece had to go for a big turn. The specialist apparently applies an hourly rate of 100 euros.

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    White sludge oil

    This is called 'Sludge' in technical language. No panic, that does not necessarily mean that the head gasket (from a water-cooled engine) has left, that a crack has occurred in the cylinder head or that 'water' is added to the oil in some other way. More

  • oil drop

    Handy or reassuring?

    MOTORcheckUP analyzes 4 elements of the engine: the degree of engine contamination, state of the engine oil, water and / or cooling water in the engine and fuel in the engine oil. More

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