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    Cart horse or thoroughbred? The AMK translation service

    There are car and motorcycle manufacturers where the marketers don't care about the past and have an emotional customer loyalty. We noticed this during contacts about Suzuki's centenary. There are manufacturers who cherish their historical heritage. They still supply parts for the vehicles they once made or at least keep the administrative files of 'before' up to date. Read more

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    How Saab tamed the turbo

    Turbo compressors provide artificial ventilation. Things are surprisingly simple in essence. The exhaust fumes turn a paddle wheel. On the shaft of that fan, on the other side, is a paddle wheel that drives the air inwards to the combustion chamber. Some forty years ago, the owner of a Fiat 850, who mounted a turbo on his pride, noticed that it was a little less simple. That turbo came from a diesel truck. And the 850 cc block just didn't have enough 'breath' to get things going. Read more

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    Renault R5. From before globalization

    Globalization is a thing. In the days of our classics, there were people who chose a brand with conviction. Others saw this more broadly and thought it was good if their car – or let it have been a motorcycle – came from France, Germany, England, Italy or Sweden. And then got Read more

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    Downsizing is wrong

    Recently we were at a serious engine overhaul company. Contrary to what we thought, the lion's share of the work did not come from 'our', classical, angle. The owner of the company even spoke: “Downsizing is not good. I would never buy a post 1990 car. Or it should be a Korean. That Read more

  • Six cylinders

    Six cylinders and more

    Six cylinders + turbo. Isn't that a bit much? Six cylinders in the motorcycle world have been status symbols for manufacturers (and most buyers). Only Honda has made serious money with the six-cylinder Goldwings. In fact, a six-cylinder engine is 'over the top' in all areas. In fact, such a thing – apart from the extra Read more

  • SAAB Silver Arrow

    The SAAB Silver Arrow

    First, Saab made unique cars for buyers who drove Saab out of pure conviction. Then came 'Het Management' and 'De Marketeers' as part of the Zeven Plagen. From that moment on, driving became interchangeable until now, where 90% of cars look like interchangeable, convex suppositories. Read more

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    Classic or not? Robins Turbo Suzuki

    Robin Hofstede likes all motorcycles, but Suzukis are often even more fun. He therefore exchanged his Harley for the unique GSX 1100-EFE with 1216 cc and ventilated by a 'drawthrough' Mikuni HSR 45 carburetor with a suction compressor. That old Suzuki is a very special one The machine Read more

  • MG Metro Turbo

    The MG Metro Turbo. That was not such a success

    Because from 1983 just under 22.000 have been made. That lack of success was mainly due to two things: The hard core MG enthusiasts thought the thing was just a fake MG. A desolate, unimaginative example of BMC badge engineering. And the quality left a lot to be desired for 1986. But with that Read more

  • Tickford Capri Turbo

    The Tickford Capri Turbo

    The Tickford Capri Turbo (1983-1986) The Capri Mk III had become bigger and stronger. The power came from the German 2,9 liter V6. But even then there were people who thought 'more' was not enough. (Lotus) Test driver and motoring journalist John Miles was one of them. He took his idea to Read more

  • Lancia Delta

    The Lancia Delta HF Turbo. a Fiat Ritmo on steroids

    During a recent world trip to Cadzand Bad, which was taken over by Flanders, we passed a closed garage. The proprietor may have discontinued the sale, but he still had some nice things in reserve. In the shop window was – among other things – a very nice Lancia HF Integrale. And then Read more

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