Volkswagen Vanagon L (1982) Westfalia camper from the country of Uncle Sam

Volkswagen Vanagon L (1982) Westfalia motorhome
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For the German Westfalia, the first Transporter, the original VW van T1 (with the two-piece forward), was the example to equip it under license as a camper. Westfalia was known for its perfect finish and interior design. It made this holiday accommodation feasible for many at the time. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Even today, possession of this primal version remains a desire for many. But finding one for a reasonable price is almost a utopia. Prices for classic VW buses have risen so much in recent years that there is almost a price explosion. The value development ensures that for a reasonable price almost nothing is offered anymore of the first T1 split bus in camper version. 

The Volkswagen Camping Car  

Was described in the promotional brochures as the mobile summer house with lighting and paneling. Inside you will find two upholstered sofas - also a double bed - and a bed for 2 children in the cabin. A wardrobe with mirror, a luggage net. In the kitchen cabinet - also washing facilities - you get water via an electric pump from a 90 liter tank. There are also two dressing tables, a refrigerator, a chemical toilet and a stove (available at an additional cost). On the side of the car, a tent roof can easily be made with awning cloth against the bright sun. Beautiful language from the 50s, and the equipment of the Westfalia interior has remained ingenious in the later and newer models. 

The Panorama bus (Type T2) 

The second type, designed as a camper, is also ideal. The prices of good copies are very firm. If the fair is too thin, people often look for a bus to restore themselves. Because the desire to own a VW Camper remains. 

Volkswagen (Vanagon L.) known to us as type T3 

This luxury holiday bungalow from the country of Uncle Sam is not dependent on campsites with little space. Wherever you take a holiday where others cannot stay, The distance lures to new discoveries. We found this luxurious VW Camper ready for a second life in the Netherlands at California Classics in Damwoude. When you see these photos you start philosophizing. You can go wherever you want. You can do whatever you want. Be completely yourself. Enjoy the unique property. The family of VW enthusiasts in the world is huge. Fans can be found everywhere. We like to pay attention to special cars such as this 1982 VW Vanagan L which is registered as a 'camper'.

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Volkswagen Vanagon L (1982) Westfalia motorhome
Volkswagen Vanagon L (1982) Westfalia motorhome
Volkswagen Vanagon L (1982) Westfalia motorhome

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    Horrible, qualitatively far below par, such a thing drives far from super….

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