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  • Alfa-Romeo-Giulia windscreen washer

    Windscreen washer pump

    Alfists know that the windshield washer pump - with foot control - as fitted as standard in the Giulia is a part that is (long) no longer available. That has now changed, because the French company Victor Parts has prepared the original manufacturer More

  • old-aluminum-as-new

    Old aluminum as new

    Vincent van Ginneke has stepped back in time for a few decades and has since applied a traditional method for cleaning old and weathered aluminum. This is the so-called wet blasting, a technique that was first applied during the Second More

  • 6 volt and alternating current

    6 Volts and alternating current!

    This should be the very best news for the coming year for the classic-with-6-volt driving Auto Motor Klassiek reader. That category knows better than anyone that driving with the light on, the windscreen wipers who want to do their job bravely, possibly the booster of More

  • Citroen DS

    Hydropneumatic suspension

    At the introduction of the Citroën DS at the Paris Motor Show in 1955 it became clear that the suspension of an automobile did not necessarily have to make use of steel screw or leaf springs, or torsion bars… More

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    Unique blown Fransoos

    A Renault 18 Turbo Break from 1986 with no 70.000 km on the clock. Elsewhere on the internet we came across this special car. just like that, somewhere on a forum. The owner casually stated that it is for sale ... More

  • wiring harness for your tractor

    Wiring harness for your tractor?

    You are working on the (top) restoration of an old-time tractor. You want to make the thing completely 'as new'. The job gets stuck because of the cable harness. You don't just copy them ..., even if you are happy with a workshop manual or electrical diagram?

  • wanted-renault-d22 tractor

    Wanted Renault D22 tractor

    Knowing that among our tens of thousands of readers there are enthusiasts who deal with elderly tractors, we place the request of Brit F. Norton Bryce. He is in the process of restoring a Renault D22 tractor. The device was in very bad condition More

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    Multi Purpose Youngtimer

    Until recently, the tax-friendly rider-with-family was looking for a Mercedes-Benz W124 Kombi. Functional, reliable and older than fifteen years. The BMW E34 Touring has been an alternative for several years. More

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    Rush? No.

    The reporters of your favorite magazine rush through the entire country with great speed to gather the latest news about classics and youngtimers for you. Recently, the undersigned does that per 200 D. Or that the topicality of your body magazine benefits? More

  • astonished-beautiful-triumph

    Stunningly beautiful Triumph Vitesse

    On 25 in May 1962 saw the Triumph Vitesse the public light. The 'fast' version of the already immensely popular Herald. An attractive design by the Italian grandmaster Giovanni Michelotti, equipped with an 6 cylinder-in-line engine with a capacity of 1596 cc with two downflow More

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    You can request free catalogs from Melun Rétro Passion 77 if you are in need of spare parts for the Renault 4CV, Juvaquatre, R8 / R10, Floride / Caravelle, Alpine A110, Dauphine, Frégate, Relay, R4L, R5, R6, R12 R14, R17, R17 / R20, RXNUMX but also the Citroën 2CV, ID / DS, GS, H-type and Traction Avant, the Simca 8, Simca V8, Aronde / P60, Simca 1000, 1300 / 1500, 1301 / 1501, Peugeot 203, 403 and 204 / 304, XNXX, 404, 504 604, J7 / J9 or Panhard.

  • austin-healy-prototype-tox-611

    Austin-Healey prototype: TOX 611

    Gerrit AH Frieman, previously chairman of the Austin-Healey Owners Club Netherlands for decades, drew our attention to the availability of a very special Austin-Healey. It is basically a 100 / 4 BN1 from 1953. During the production, the car was taken off the tire and owned More

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