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  • Enjoliveurs
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    'Enjoliveurs', the make-up of your classic

    'Enjoliveurs', that already sounds beautiful. The term 'enjoliveurs' includes all chrome parts and shiny parts such as hubcaps and such with our French fellow Europeans. But all kinds of other parts can also be 'enjoliveur'. The tendency to want to stand out from the crowd dates back even to prehistoric times Read more

  • Herbie

    Herbie meets young fan

    Although the first Herbie movie hit theaters in 1969, the special Beetle movie still has young fans. Like ten-year-old Anouk Zwagerman, for example. Her dream came true yesterday when she got to see one of the original movie cars. We recently registered Auto Motor Klassiek about Herbie, because one of the original Read more

  • Vauxhall Viva

    Vauxhall Viva

    Just like on the other side of the Channel or the North Sea, the M-word is not allowed to be discussed in public among classic enthusiasts – we are talking about the Austin Metro, Maestro and Montego – the same target group on the Continent prefers not to speak about the Vauxhall Viva… More popular than Read more

  • International KB7

    Exceptional: International KB7

    A while ago we came across the International KB7 from 1947 in the British King's Lynn near the closing of the market. As 'cargo' of this mastodon, which can be seen from the license plate, from the American Washington, a gigantic – German – organ… The sounds produced by this organ will Read more

  • Moto Guzzi V7

    The Moto Guzzi V7 Sport. In AMK number 8

    The Moto Guzzi V7 Sport. That was and is a phenomenal motorcycle. A success for the ever ailing Moto Guzzi factory. The proof of that? Of the 150 homologated models for the Moto Guzzi V7 Sport with the red chrome molybdenum frame, at least 300 are still on the road. But those 'telaio rosso' models are Read more

  • Rover SD1

    The Rover SD1, a beautiful miss

    The Rover SD1. That was a car that shook the world. It even became Car of the Year in 1977. However, that title has been a curse rather than a blessing for many cars… A car that drove its buyers to despair. The 3500 cc V8s were made at the time when Read more

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    Porsche 911 R number 16

    Some Porsches are special because of their limited production number or their special history. Take the 911 Porsche 1968 R with rare and modified specs. One of only 19 lightweight units ever built, it has a fully documented, unique combination of engine and body. The Porsche 911 R that matters Read more

  • tires

    Those tires are way too expensive!

    “Those tires are way too expensive!” “I can get those tires much cheaper!” Classic lovers are just people. So there is also sometimes a cloud walker or an arch support who, before going somewhere, first looks on the Internet for the lowest price in the known universe for the stuff. Read more

  • Royal Enfield

    A Royal Enfield racer

    A Royal Enfield racer. And an old one. But what kind of racer. And how old is he actually? AMK number 8 tells the story of a Royal Enfield racing motorcycle. A motorcycle from the XNUMXs. An engine for which no technical data is known, but for which Read more

  • French

    The French anyway

    The French anyway. They usually speak French fluently, but it does stop there. Also this holiday we have a number AutoMotorKlassiekreaders can help with their French concerns so that they get what they want done. Maybe we should set up an AMK emergency center for that. An action that Read more

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