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  • Austin A55 Cambridge

    Austin A55 Cambridge: Verkeerd Afgelopen

    Spearing through the British landscape, on a so-called 'gravel road' near the British Wareham, County Dorset, the Austin A55 Cambridge was discovered. Looks like an object dating from around 1957? An elderly passer-by who was walking his dog reported that this Cambridge had been there for a little over a year. Read more

  • French motorcycles

    French motorcycles

    Then we think of a light motorcycle with a man wearing an alpino hat and a baguette. That is not quite right. Because between 1900 and 1950 the French motorcycle industry was a lot. French motorcycles even exported to…. Japan. And then we talk about brands that have often disappeared in the mists of time. Read more



    A two-stroke boxertwin The MZ BK350 After the war, Germany was redistributed and much of DKW's knowledge and production fell into communist and/or socialist hands. The IFA/MZ machines were direct successors in the DKW bloodline. But luckily it remained with the cloning of pre-war DKW models. The BK350 is Read more

  • Zagato Junior

    Alfa Romeo Zagato Junior

    As a novice or expanding classic enthusiast, it can discourage you. We are talking about the dramatically rising prices. Yet you can still – more than once – draw the Jackpot. A shed in the far north of Great Britain during a pub visit session. While enjoying peace and an alcoholic Read more

  • ads

    Just some reactions ...

    … on internet advertisements Reactions on internet advertisements. A world in itself A good friend wanted to streamline his collection a bit. He therefore decided to sell his Sanglas 400 E, among other things. To show what strange creatures inhabit the internet, let's see a few mail responses: “Yeah, doesn't look Read more

  • Classics
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    Habituation, classics and progression

    A colleague magazine recently published the video of a test with two classics on its website. An Alfa Romeo Giulia and one Triumph Dolomites were compared. Charming sports sedans from the past, which pleased with their sporty character, driving characteristics and striking lines. And that sometimes drove owners to despair because of their Read more

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    Amazonas. With a Volkswagen heart.

    Between the early XNUMXs and the early XNUMXs, very strange vehicles were made in Brazil. The measures to protect the home market made imports difficult. And it was Volkswagen that set the crowbar in that market with the founding of Volkswagen do Brazil. Because with that, Volkswagens became Brazilian vehicles. Read more

  • AWO

    AWO Simson

    Motorcycles instead of guns Hunting weapons supplier Simson from Suhl was no longer allowed to make weapons after the Second World War. So it was time for a new way to put bread on the table. Fortunately, everything was well organized in the former GDR. Simson was commissioned by the Deutsch Sowjetische Aktiengesellschaft Awtowelo (AWO) Read more

  • Potato

    Potato variation

    Just as the Wegenwacht in our country has mechanics sitting along the road as helpers in need, the same is true in Great Britain. From the AA – Automobile Association – and the RAC, the Royal Automobile Club. Mario Papdemetriou, 'roadman' at the AA, has recently delivered a strong piece and also a special inventor for this Read more

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    Protective motorcycle clothing

    And the GVD, “The Great Security Thinking”. Because fear rules. Let's look at the matter from a man's point of view. So motorcycle clothing. And protection. Imagine the run-up to a passionate encounter with your dream woman. You check in your digital agenda in which moment of her cycle she is. Read more

  • Jaguar XJ-S

    Jaguar XJ-S

    Reborn in the right body It was 1975 when Jaguar replaced the legendary E-Type with the XJ-S. A beautiful car that has been gaining popularity especially in recent years. I am standing on a quay in Enkhuizen for a photo shoot with a beautiful bronze-coloured Convertible, which, according to the first owner, was born in the wrong Read more

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