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The chance that you have a Citroen BX Sport in everyday traffic is getting smaller and smaller. It's actually a bit of nostalgia. The BX models made for peak performance – such as the GT and the Sport – have become rare. It is a high-profile youngtimer, and this very fine and comfortable, reasonably modern car has not yet been forgotten.

By: Dirk de Jong

Looking back to the 80's you can see that the BX got off to a cautious start and eventually became a best-selling model for Citroën. Success has continued to improve with subsequent generations of BX. It just became the right car at the right time. Citroën couldn't stand still in the car industry. So the car was further developed. There were different generations, various power sources and models such as the Citroën BX Break, a combination of business and pleasure.

Citroën BX Sport “performance at top level”

If you want to enrich your life with this gem of the BX series, you should visit the address shown on the license plate. A nice side effect will be that people will recognize you by the beautifully restored Citroën BX Sports. Because it's rare for sure.

BX Club Netherlands

That is the club that wants to bring the owners together in a pleasant way, with of course the common interest in the BX. The main objective is to maintain it. And keep the houden Citroën BX, and provide technical support where possible.

starter car

In the twilight of its career, the BX became an affordable car. A great starter car, easy to maintain and everyone knew the car. With the BX you had a lot of car for little money. Actually, there was no better choice, lots of space, a high degree of comfort and beautiful styling inside and out. At that time, the BX also quickly disappeared towards disassembly, but protecting and preserving it remains very important for the hobbyist.

sincere love

Hereby Citroën BX Sport is the sincere love, with such a super nice version you have something special, is there actually a more comfortable form of transport possible? And speaking of love… We're not going to talk about Johnnie and Kees Flodder, are we??

Neighbor what are you doing now??

Yes, we definitely want to talk about Johnnie and Kees Flodder, because this is the real BX that was used in the Flodder film in 1986 by Dick Maas. The Citroën BX Sport plays an important role and is often in the picture, after the release of the film the sales of the BX skyrocketed. And to the question: Neighbor what are you doing now? You will only get an answer in the film. A prominent role for the BX is now reserved for Lijzenga in Damwoude, where the first original BX from the film shines in the showroom.

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  1. I have a dark brown suspicion that Edwin Groen of the Duck Museum in Andijk might be interested in this car. He also has one of Charlie's green ducks in his possession.
    Money won't matter to him. Everyone can see the car in his museum, you just won't see it on the road anymore.

  2. Wonderful movie. An icon of the Dutch film genre, in which brother Johnny and Kees allowed themselves to be paid with the red BX after showing proof, encapsulated in Polaroid. Didn't Johnny happen to still enjoy the evening sun with his new sweetheart in the red BX Sport at the beautiful sight of the garbage dump afterwards? And none of that detracts from the qualities of this great car. Great handling, these BXs. And the performance could really be there. I find the styling inimitable. It's nice to see that this article is getting some attention. With thanks!!

  3. Also a nice car. Especially in station version.
    At one point I was completely "lost" driven in my C5 130pk hdi by a cx 2,5td2. In D. on the autobahn.

  4. That's right; a 2,5L GTI Turbo2.
    But the "payoff" on the BX Sport was made with a Polaroid..
    Beautiful film..classic..just like both of these cars.

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