Restore yourself… a fat Healey

The idea is that everyone used to restore and that classics are now only bought in tip-top condition by investors or the new rich looking for fun lifestyle things. That deserves a side note. Because if you are in 'the classic world', you can usually name a handful of fellow sufferers who at least tinker themselves and possibly half of them at least have a restoration history.

So there is not only a demand for it, but also a supply of classics that beg for a rebirth. Tackling the case yourself is too high a barrier for many people. It is the fear that gets in their way. Because where do you start? Can you or can you learn it? And what does such a thing cost?

To start with that approach: Guys, it's just stupid technology

You can go a long way with a normal - not the new normal - working mind and patience. In addition, you now have YouTube where just about everything you have to and can do is explained on videos. And if it gets too difficult for a moment? Then you rewind and look at the case one more time.

Moreover, all the unfeasible professional tools of the past can now be purchased at a reasonable price with a mouse click from one of our advertisers. And work with it? You learn that by doing. There are now plenty of specialists for the things that are really beyond your control. Because you are proud of the neat and tight garage path spraying with the 'rattlecans' of the Action detracts from previous work. And your neighbor may be pissed off by the floating plaque on his addition-friendly electro pastry. But even that spraying you can do a lot of preliminary work yourself. Do wear a mask. And if it happens outside, do it with respect for the wind direction. The neighbors will not be happy if their koi carp eat the mosquitoes through a fine layer of lacquer dust. Or whatever those beasts do.

A good start

There is a rule that is the guideline for a happy ending: A project must be hard and complete. 'Hard' as in: there may be superficial rust present, but not too many things may have rusted through. With the current metalworking tools and the good welding equipment (plus a welding course and some practice beforehand) almost everything can be repaired. But all welding is work. Completeness is also a thing. Especially when purchasing a project. Chances are that the project just ran aground because the owner has given up hope of finding certain parts.

A hobby that can pay off

But with the good foundation and the right approach, restoring a classic can make you completely Zen and happy. And if you dream away for a moment and forget how many hours you have put into the job, you can also make a pleasant profit on the sale. An acquaintance has restored six classics in eleven years from that point of view. He enjoyed the construction and (briefly) driving it. But bottom line, he has achieved his goal. Because in the twelfth year of what the British and so call his 'journey', he has what it all started about: A Facel Vega. There is still some work to be done.

By the way, we came to this part when we saw the Big Healy that Joop Stolze received. The asking price is 18.500 euros. A topper will easily do 50-60 grand. Count your profit!

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  1. That 3 liter truck engine expects quite a bit of vehicle control in the Healy. In many Tulpenrallye that I drove, we saw these cars on the roadside .. or worse.

  2. To start with a car restoration, having space at your disposal is also a thing. Then your rental shed is already (not) big enough. You quickly need four times as much space for an automobile. By the way, when I see the attempts to popularize 'tiny homes', garages will disappear because cars will have to become 'shared cars', and the sheds will certainly not grow🤢. So for the restoration of the 850 of my better half, I would first have to saw it in half, and put one half in the tiny home neighbor's tiny home shed. Cunningly fit my motorbike in a shed (just)

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