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    Advertising has changed

    We've been seeing car ads for over 100 years now. Shiny Cadillacs, dynamically curved Jaguars and muscle cars with smoking tires. Endearing FIATjes and Ugly Ducks, decent Opels, richly equipped cheap Korean. We've seen it all pass by. In the beginning it was all black and white. And the pictures were often drawn. Car advertising has evolved a lot over the years thanks to imaginative, and sometimes ineffective, creative techniques. More

  • Lettered classics

    Lettered classics: difficult trade

    Tapping €895 for a leather jacket with a brand or product name (okay: it's often Harley-Davidson, but the spectrum is wider)? Isn't that crazy? That you pay a lot of money to advertise something that you have already paid a lot of money for. If you are a pretender More

  • Messerschmitt

    Messerschmitt in advertising

    Whether or not a Messerschmitt will appeal to you, it is and remains a cart that appeals to the imagination. This is what we call 'high cuddliness' nowadays… That was also the case in the past, in the years when you could still buy a new one for a few thousand guilders. We already informed you that in the Netherlands there are More

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    A piece of French Culture

    “En route, Magazine for France-goers”. We are in the second half of the eighties. And France has been completely discovered. At the Maison Descartes, the Institut Français in the Netherlands, French language courses are running like a train. Citroën saw a target group and started advertising. First in French, then in Dutch.

    En Route still exists. The introduction video of the DS is on the site. In black and white of course. More