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    A CB400F. And Mientje… - column

    Nowadays - and from about 1900 - there is a lot of grumbling that members of the more sympathetically modeled sex no longer know their place, are stealing all 'our' jobs and have become man-haters. More

  • Ford Taunus

    The Ford Taunus from Janneke

    Janneke's Ford Taunus The 12 Ford Taunus of Janneke van Buren is a victim of Sinterklaas. Well, that's short sighted. But Janneke is always very busy and is also part of the organization that ensures that Sinterklaas safely enters every year More

  • Sexy leaflets

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated. Behind the Iron Curtain they also got it: “Sex Sells”. Well, in a neat way then. The approach behind that approach must have been global: The sucker thinks he'll get the girl if he buys the car/motorcycle/tool ​​kit/fishing equipment. Have marketers ever calculated how much more More

  • CJ 750, BABE

    Old and new, the CJ 750

    But the CJ 750 SV - a direct descendant of the BMW R71 from around 1939 - is, no matter how dated it is, quite a tough guy. The machines are still being made. Exclusive babe More

  • puch, censorship, babe

    We keep it tidy ...

    puch, censorship, babe Sometimes you just find funny bargains at fairs. In a folder with folders & photos from an apparently very neat collector, we found this apparently self-censored photo ... More

  • Honda, Genoa, autumn, sun

    Autumn in Genoa and Gorinchem

    Just asking whether the Italians are behind or ahead? The Italians are lagging behind in the classic where the lady in traditional Italian motorcycle clothing is put on. Apparently they are still full in the summer. Would everything be better sooner than that? More

  • CJ 750, China, BMW


    The engine that started in 1938 as BMW R32 is therefore still being made.

    In China where it is called CJ 750. And such consistent classics - on an 'old' license plate, you can still buy 'new'. 'Refurbished' More

  • Mr. Magellan, comic, Opel

    Mr. Magellan

    Classics in comics. It remains fun. Mr Magellan is a Belgian comic series that started in 1970 with André-Paul Duchâteau as writer and Henri Ghion as draftsman. The story is semi-futuristic and has a strong SF slant. Magellan himself is super cool, a kind of James Bond including all kinds of technical gadgets. his assistant Capella - provided with superhuman strength - and pleasantly modeled More