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  • Renault CLIO. a classic in the making

    Renault CLIO. A classic in the making

    In the automotive world, new models sway with their modern technologies and flashy designs, but for classic enthusiasts, it's the soul and character of a car that counts. Strangely enough, the Renault Clio, a model that you might not immediately label as 'classic', has exactly those timeless qualities that connoisseurs […] More

  • resto mod. do not do it
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    Modified factory history. Reflections on a trend

    It's been in vogue among automakers for a while now. One takes an illustrious and/or glorious model, uses it as the basis for a new project, and develops an eye-catcher on that basis. New wine in old bottles. One thinks it's great, the other thinks that history is being done injustice. I float there […] More

  • 1959 Renault Dauphine by Sytze. irreplaceable.

    1959 Renault Dauphine by Sytze. irreplaceable. 

    When the garage doors open, you are overcome by a wave of nostalgia. Not only an image of the time, but also the toppers of that time. Such as the French Volkswagen: a Renault Dauphine from 1959. By: Dirk de Jong We cannot call it a garage. It's a treasure room, all the classics in […] More

  • Renault Fuego. It remained with smoldering

    Renault Fuego. It remained with smoldering

    That was wrong. The design of the Renault Fuego was attractive and balanced, the technology both tried and tested and progressive. But those eternal prejudices ... Cliché Those eternal prejudices: Americans are fat and fake. All of them. Germans have an evolutionary dislike for any joke, but again they are statistically not that striking […] More

  • Renault 5. Successful compact and at home in all markets

    Renault 5. Successful compact and at home in all markets

    Modern, sleek, practical, front-wheel drive and child of a period when compact cars came of age. This title can be applied in full to the Renault 1972, which was shown to the general public in February 5. Immediately after the introduction, it became clear that the French had hit the bull's eye with their new front-wheel drive compact. † More

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    Renault 4. Drive with a smile.

    The Renault 4. Every time it provides a surprise. If you are on the road with the modest French evergreen, comfort, a decent amount of space and pleasant good-naturedness will be yours. To a greater extent than you would expect. We were allowed to experience it in a copy from 1985. More

  • Renault 16 TS 1968. Jaap's direct hit 1

    Renault 16 TS (1968). Jaap's direct hit

    Jaap loves Renault, the French voiture has already conquered his motorists' heart during his working years at the Renault dealer Rosier in Leeuwarden. Already at that time he thought it was an appearance with daring modern contours and we are talking about the 60s/70s. In principle, the Renault 16 TS has the same body as the normal 16, but is equipped with various improvements. All the extras as standard equipment showed a price tag of ƒ 9.995  More

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