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Harley. A step back in time

I have many more acquaintances than euros. One of those acquaintances is the kind of man that they are very happy with at the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company Milwaukee, USA. He is not yet at the age where a Harley Davidson has a midlife...

Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA in a condition that would make even the greatest optimist sad. Quite a few vehicles ended up under water or in the ground between 1940 and 1945. In the Russian plains between Berlin and Stalingrad…

Prefabricated emotions

The journey through the Maas valley was measured over the various counters about 350 km. It took us about 10 hours. That included terrace stops, the replacement of a front wheel bearing, the retrieval of a lost muffler, the repeated repair of the ignition of Paul's WLA and the constant replacement of the now mounted external gas filter, a long conversation with an old lady who joined our column. remembered from her childhood, solving some clutch problems with the other Harley. Replacing a flat float on the Russian tricycle, sticking a flat tire and some more of that kind of ambiguities.
Harley WL, side valve

HD side flaps: booming Business!

In the classic motorcycle world, the really old-timers seem to be becoming increasingly popular. For example, the HD WL types, the engines that were worth somewhere between 100-150 guilders in the XNUMXs, are now only for sale for a very short time. And…


WL globalization

HD_WLA_WLC_revisieWhile WWII has not yet ended seventy years ago, things are in danger of going terribly wrong with the professional overhaul, rebuilding, etc. of the Harley-Davidson WL A and C models. Not to mention the WLDs.