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    Riding an army motorcycle: It can be cheap

    Seventy-five years after the liberation, the WLA and C models of Harley-Davidson, the BMW R75 and thick Zündapp boxers have actually become unaffordable. Other European ex-army motorcycles from WWII are still reasonably to affordable. Think of the British and the now recognized classic Russian M72 models (those clones of the BMW R71 […] More

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    Harley. A step back in time

    I have many more acquaintances than euros. One of those acquaintances is the kind of Man they are very happy with at the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company Milwaukee, USA. He is not yet of the age where a Harley Davidson is a midlife crisis symptom. He is far too civilized to be an MC member […] More

  • Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

    Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

    Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA in a state that would make even the greatest optimist sad. Between 1940 and 1945 quite a few vehicles ended up under water or in the ground. In the Russian plains between Berlin and Stalingrad, tanks and other war equipment are still regularly dug up or simply […] More

  • A scholarship for old Harley stuff

    A scholarship for old Harley stuff

    The organization is proud to announce that the Swapmeet, previously held in Haaksbergen and organized by the "friends of Harley-Davidson", will be continued. In the city center of Enschede, barely 10 km from the old location, we have a large hall found, which offers space for this 3-year-old initiative […] More

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    Prefabricated emotions

    The journey through the Maas valley was measured over the various counters about 350 km. It took us about 10 hours. That included terrace stops, the replacement of a front wheel bearing, the retrieval of a lost muffler, the repeated repair of the ignition of Paul's WLA and the constant replacement of the now mounted external gas filter, a long conversation with an old lady who joined our column. remembered from her childhood, solving some clutch problems with the other Harley. Replacing a flat float on the Russian tricycle, sticking a flat tire and some more of that kind of ambiguities. More

  • Harley WL, side valve

    HD side flaps: booming Business!

    In the classic motorcycle world, the really old-timers seem to be becoming more and more popular. For example, the HD WL types, the engines that were worth somewhere between 100-150 guilders in the 16000s, are now only for sale for a very short time. And an asking price for such an original twin can just be XNUMX euros. Absolute masterpieces […] More

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    WL globalization

    HD_WLA_WLC_revisionWhile WWII has ended less than seventy years, it threatens to go pretty wrong with the professional overhaul, rebuild, etc. of the Harley-Davidson WL A and C models. Not to mention the WLDs. More

  • warboy HD look a like

    The Milwaukee Belle is a WL replica from France and made on the basis of a Sportster 883.

    Or have we seen something else? Perhaps a softail cultivated somewhere in the north? The perpetrator can report! More